Global Blacklist API now supports Spamminator

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Please consider supporting the Global Blacklist API proposal.

The Global Blacklist API

The Global Blacklist API is a project I started three days after I got access to the Steem Cleaners blacklist. It has been running for almost two years and supports 11 community blacklists and all Steem Engine Tribes.

The Global Blacklist API is used by over 50% of Steem dApps in one way or another

The Global Blacklist API has been a free service I offer to provide a standard and easy to use interface to access multiple blacklists on the Steem blockchain. dApps and services can choose to subscribe to one or more of the available blacklists and use them to minimize abuse.

Currently, the Global Blacklist API supports the following blacklists:

  • BuildAWhale
  • SteemCleaners
  • Redeemer
  • MinnowBooster
  • Actifit
  • Yoodoo
  • Smartsteem
  • D-Tube
  • Plenty of Phish
  • Irredeemables
  • Spaminator
  • All Steem Engine Tribes

What is Spaminator?

Users on this list have been identified by @spaminator and @mack-bot doing one of the following: spamming, abusing the @steem faucet, post farming, comment farming, or otherwise engaged in exploitative behavior. Provided by @spaminator, for more details go here:

Technically, the Global Blacklist API always supported Spaminator, but it was listed as "SteemCleaners". I have received access to a dedicated SteemCleaners list and have broken out the Spaminator list into it's own category.

What is SteemCleaners?

Users on this list have been identified by @steemcleaners doing one of the following: plagiarizing text/images/art, identity deception, identity theft or engaging in other forms of fraud. Provided by @steemcleaners, for more details go here:

Steempeak integration

@steempeak recently integrated the Global Blacklist API into their front end. You can read about the integration here

Steemit Beta Integration

If you are using the Steemit beta site (You should!) you will notice the Global Blacklist API is integrated into the UI. This has the ability to show blacklisted users on posts and comments, a big improvement over just using the Blacklist Notifier Chrome Extension.


As a user of the Global Blacklist API, you can choose which blacklists you want to subscribe to. As other blacklists are added you only need to update your blacklist choices. I recommend using a configuration parameter that allows you to easily specify what lists you want to look for, or just check if the user is on any blacklist.

Integration with Blacklist Notifier Chrome Extension

The Blacklist Notifier Chrome Extension fully supports the Global Blacklist API and provides curators an easy way to know if a user is on a blacklist and which one.

The Blacklist Notifier is supported with Chrome & Brave browsers, Firefox support may come in the future.

How to use Global Blacklist API



Method: GET
Description: Query user blacklist status
Sample Response:


Method: GET
Description: Query for Specific Blacklist
Sample Response:
[Full steemcleaners blacklist]


Method: GET
Description: Query for All Unique Blacklisted Users
Sample Response:
[All users blacklisted across all blacklists]

Support Global Blacklist API

I have a proposal on SPS to support the Global Blacklist API. You can read about it here and approve it here

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OOpse, I forgot to take you out of my downvoter. I thought I did, my bad. I just took you ou tso it won't happen again. Seriously Wasn't planning on even flagging you any more. Why would I, I finally had no flags and everything was finally going my way!! It was just an accident! sorry!I fixed!!
Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 10.11.21 PM.png I'll go go upvote your other one to makeup for it.

Fair enough, I noticed you haven't been auto posting spam and have been doing original content and as I said before, I don't want to flag you and if you didn't spam and harass people I'd remove you. Despite what you think, I am a man of my word.

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so somehow i am on this list.. ?????
not sure why .. I run the steemquest RPG ....
oh well


You would need to speak with Minnowbooster, I can't speak to why you are on their list.

Well it’s sad. I do a lot of work on Steem.
I will not beg them

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because downvoters need to be chemically castrated (because investors want gud content, not money .. that's really weird indeed, you must have some automation to your posts or some recurring titles ... i heard in the elder days peoples accounts got wrecked on plagiarism by zealot bots for quoting the bible and stuff ... its a friendly environment for experimenting here l m a o, marky ... dude, man ...)
oh well, no offense, but you people 'd do better fighting trolls like the polish anti-sbi-squad and the evergrowing army of 15SP auto-downvoting bots than to willy-nilly accept what everyone puts on a list,... @simplegame here is a fine example actually if anyone would have checked it (i happen to have passed by)

i myself gave up the debate a long time ago, steem will never be worth much unless it comes without the downvoting or it stops revolving around stINC .. :)

my honest opinion, i hope this doesnt follow up with a flagwar lol

opinions, i hope, can still be had ...

im not saying you and guiltyparties have done nothing but evil but there's way too much collateral damage it scares people away

like 'the masses' for instance :)

i'm already sorry i answered , yo @simplegame dude, there's NOTHING you can do but get on your knees and ask minnowbooster (i personally had severe issues with that two years ago ... getting on my knees and all that while being backstabbed)

my 2 cents ... but just act as if i didnt speak

i dont wanna attract the inquisition again

So odd. They are the Steem police.
I do a lot for the community and even work in development.
It’s just sad.