Global Blacklist API now supports Plenty of Phish blacklist


The Global Blacklist API

The Global Blacklist API is a project I started three days after I got access to the Steem Cleaners blacklist. It has been running for almost two years and supports nine (9) community blacklists and all Steem Engine Tribes.

The Global Blacklist API is used by over 50% of Steem dApps in one way or another

The Global Blacklist API has been a free service I offer to provide a standard and easy to use interface to access multiple blacklists on the Steem blockchain. dApps and services can choose to subscribe to one or more of the available blacklists and use them to minimize abuse.

Currently, the Global Blacklist API supports the following blacklists:

  • BuildAWhale
  • SteemCleaners
  • Redeemer
  • MinnowBooster
  • Actifit
  • Yoodoo
  • Smartsteem
  • D-Tube
  • Plenty of Phish
  • All Steem Engine Tribes

What is Plenty of Phish?

Source: Plenty of Phish announcement post

Since it's launch 6 months ago, @plentyofphish intercepted hundreds of phished and hacker accounts.

What Do We Do?

We keep track of all the hacked accounts. This includes those spawned by hackers, permanently under hacker control, and awaiting recovery.

The 'mute' list of @plentyofphish doubles as an on-chain repository for on-demand use by other services.

The @plentyofphish keyholders provide guidance to phishing and hacking victims in order to help them restore ownership of their Steem accounts.

If you want to learn more about the Plenty of Phish project, I recommend reading the announcement post.

Support Global Blacklist API

I have a proposal on SPS to support the Global Blacklist API. You can read about it here and approve it here


@tipu curate

global blacklist should be used by tipu and other curation groups

@tipu curate

This post has been just added as new item to timeline of Global Blacklist API on Steem Projects.

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The Jaguar Force blacklist is the main blacklist for the hispanic community and we have been working tirelessly for over a year, with hundreds of plagiarism cases reported and in depth special antiabuse operations. We would like our blacklist to be included in the global blacklist.

What do you think about this crap Delegate and get upvote scheme. Isn't it circle jerking? Shouldn't be delegators blacklisted?

I am not a fan of those backscratcher type of groups. I'm sure many of them are being addressed as these groups tend to produce shit content and ultimately get flagged.

Hi. I usually don't get involved in any discussion, but I can't keep quiet this time.

I'm a member of this group (@sp-group). We've been building it with others for a year and a half. If anyone takes the trouble to check our activity, they will notice that there is no shit content. We organize competitions and games, try to activate polish community. We take care of a small trail, which I'am a curator - every day I vote manually for the articles of the all Polish community (not only group's members!)

Of course, we also want to earn, but please check what the amounts are. Symbolic. We are in a group, because together we can do more, and... we just like each other. Our members are mostly small players who want a quiet place to write and post photos. We write good, original articles, publish our own photos.

We all know how easy it is to destroy someone's reputation... in one minute. And you are talking here about more than a hundred valuable authors, not about an anonymous formation without face. You're talking about me, personally. I just can't understand this campaign against us. At this moment even our announcements with competitions are downvoting, so they are not visible to participants! I have no words.

If this is to be the new better Steem ... my heart is not in it.


First, check the group carefully. Spread the juice over valuable time and take action. They are manual curation and has no shit content. We read about the new steem and know about the changes. We do not do anything wrong. Thank you!

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