GitPlait halt and a little update on TypeEarn. #EndSar

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I have been so busy with life. Aside from that, Nigeria has been hell. The Youths demand for a change from the government and it seems like a big deal for our President to manage because he is old, wicked and stupid. Over 70 lives were lost in the pretest in Lagos last Tuesday because the people were protesting peacefully. It is a terrible event to remember. May the souls of the people that lost their lives rest in perfect peace.


I have been also busy with a course and a project. I enrolled for a full-stack development course in the capital city because I see a need for it and I have been so busy with it. Also, TypeEarn development has been in a slow mode since 2 weeks ago because our back-end developer was ill. However, he is getting back on his feet and work is up again today. I am very sorry for the delay in the project. We are still on track and everything will come out as planned. So, we will roll update on soon.


The Gitplait community has been so calm. I gave someone the tasks to manage it for me, but the person has been inactive because of his personal life stuff. Also, communities like Project hope, Stem, and more are doing the same thing we are doing and this makes me feel that there is not much need for Gitplait on the Hive blockchain for now.

So, in this reason, the Gitplait community will cease to exist from this moment. I will brainstorm on a better value with better aim soon and Gitplait will not come as just a Community. It will be a fully functional system since I already know how to build both front and back application.

@darewealth, @katerinaramm, @tobias-g, @joebrochin, @prezzie, @oscurity, and @c-diamond I appreciate your supports on this community and project. You all can undelegate to @gitplait. But we will be back with better ideas and app that will create a better solution.

Thank you all.


Hi @tykee. The sad kitty has made this undelegate link or you:
hivesigner undelegate link..

So sad to hear about the situation in your country, I hope it gets better soon.
I am afraid with everything going on around us ...
Thank you for letting us know about your plans. I am looking forward to the launch of typeearn!

Thank you so much!