How to learn new things with the help of free information

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Now lets suppose that every time you are on Google or Youtube to learn, you find a new new topic to discover new things in which you want to be an expert, and this may seem a little unrealistic to start off with, however you will find that you can learn a new skill very fast, and it will take only 1 week or so to become an expert when you have an unlimited amount of time and are motivated to improve and to learn new things more efficiently.

There are many things which are difficult to learn but we can become an expert in those easily, and I am sure that people who are starting out will benefit by taking a look at this page or these videos.

In this blog I am going to share with you the information on how you can become super powerful at anything and everything in life, and how to set out your goal and work towards achieving it.


You can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Focus your attention and focus on achieving your goal. Think of the person you want to be in this lifetime. When you think of your lifetime goal then start thinking of what you must do in order to reach the goal. You can think to yourself: "I must become an actor in acting".

Step 2: Choose a skill that you can practice every day. Then create a list of what you want to achieve within that skill, and start thinking of all your opportunities to learn about that skill.

Step 2a: Focus your attention on the best skills you already own. It is true that if you are not very good at something then start learning something in order to become an expert in that particular skill. After you learn something start practicing that skill in order to feel your progress and to have something in your head which can help you remember to practice that skill.

Step 3: Develop an interest in learning new things in your area of expertise, then start a diary or journal and start writing down as much information as you can about those things that you want to learn or create. There are many great resources on how to become an expert at the subject which you have chosen, if you dont have the space in your pocket to read and keep a daily journal which helps you create great habits then do the following: Create an outline for a journal each day.

Write down your thoughts and observations about the subject which you want to learn.

Once you have this write down all of the activities you are going to do on this day to learn or to build on what you have built up.

When you come back to the journal, after you complete you tasks this time write down your thoughts and observations about the day so that you remember what you have learnt from your activities.

Step 3a: Make a weekly goal, this could be to learn 10 new things or create 10 great habits, for example to learn how to write great blog posts.

As we learn a skill, we are forced to deal with its imperfections and mistakes. We have to learn to correct our own mistakes, which is not so easy. Sometimes these are not so easy to see, which can lead us to make mistakes and not remember them easily.

If you look at the most talented people, are you sure they learned all the skills they needed to master?

So the last point I'm going to make is that you have to be the one to decide the amount of discipline and perseverance. You have to devote a good amount of time to get it. The more you do it the more you will know and understand this topic and the better you will be able to develop in your area.

I hope the article encourages you to learn something new, and also leads you to have a much better mindset towards learning anything.