Challenge - Stay home, share 3 travel photos

in gems •  3 months ago 

I would like to contribute #StayHomeChallange initiative by @psos. I am sharing 3 photos of my travels and it refreshes my memory of present quarantine life. I am maintaining some rules to protect from corona virus (COVID-19). So i am still at home due to covid19 pandemic. Most of the country is going on lockdown and our country is also continuing. This lockdown protocol is necessary for every country for present situation. Its save life of you, your family and neighbors. We should conscious all of us and pray for the whole world people each other.

It was my vacation tour of the longest sea beach in the world, at Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh. I spent my pretty time to see the sea beach beauty with my family.


Trees of seashore were moving owing to wind.


Pretty rainbow reflected behind the trees and it looked awesome that moment.


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