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RE: Enjoying my favorite food called (moinmoin and ogi)

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Funny, in Northern Germany 'Moin Moin' is a common greeting. Had never heard of this pudding.
Not sure I would like it. Doesn't sound very appetising (though I would try it if I see it somewhere).


Just give it a try dear friend, it can be eating with bread 🍞 with 🍮 curstad,it can be served on rice, some people add crafish boils egg, fish in to the pudding to make it delicious and nutritious,am sure when you taste it you will love it thank for cheeking my blog

I will definitely try it if I ever come across it. (I try pretty much everything edible, anyway.)

That's Ggood @bossel

Homyho!!!! it's a very nice and delicious food dear friend @bossel you will love it