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Hi Hiveans !!!

The butterflies that you see in this post are among the many butterflies found in Indonesia, especially in the Aceh region, there are thousands of species of butterflies that play and suck on flower extracts in several wild plants that grow on their own without human intervention.

He has several names that are often mentioned by local residents both in verbal and non-verbal language. If we ask local residents they say as the name of Mierah Rhung Butterfly, sometimes people also give their name as Painted Lady, sometimes there are also those who call it the Kupu-kupu Putri.

But for me personally, whatever the name is, I really like the colors or patterns found on its wings, it has a beautiful color like red with black specks, at first glance it looks like a pattern on the body skin of a Jaguar or the Tiger of Sumatera.

If I see it, then the name fits Sumatran Tiger Butterfly This is based on patterns that exist in the Jaguar's body or on the Sumatran tiger body, he is always active during the day but when he enters the night he will remain silent.

But scientifically, I personally do not know the name, when searching the Google search engine, I have not found it either. Why was not found this species for certain I do not know or indeed the name I typed wrong or maybe there are other things that make it very difficult to trace it or no one has uploaded the information.

If I think it's true then I will share this information about them, this information means it first appeared on this #Hive platform, so people can get to know it even with a little information.

And I also share this information on the #Youtube channel through the Ashafchannel channel account,

Information for him

If you look at its characteristics in daily life, of course it also has the same character as other butterflies, but what distinguishes it is in terms of:

  • Flying power
  • Always active
  • The pattern or color of the wings.

This is what distinguishes it from other butterflies in general.

1. Flying power

All butterflies on this earth travel of course with their wings which means that if he wants to go to an area then he will fly with the power of his wings. However, each butterfly has a different flight strength, meaning that the distance traveled is also different.

If butterflies are usually able to fly at least 500 meters, this butterfly is able to fly 1000 meters without stopping or resting on its way. This is evidenced by seeing these butterflies in one of the wild plants on the beach or a regular butterfly host location in general. Basically, it has its own group of plants that are more or less 1000 meters or even more apart. In general, this butterfly has never been seen at that location it has always been in its original location, which is 1000 meters away, but today it itself has mixed and mingled with other butterflies in the area.

2. Always active

Another difference found in him is in terms of his activity in moving, he always flies and always sucks the nectar of flowers without stopping, while other butterflies need rest to collect the energy that has been drained during his daily activities. But there is no word stop on this putrie butterfly, she always moves without stopping until entering sunset.

This is what I have seen for the past few days. Why do I make observations for him because these butterflies are very few in number, in our area he has only a few tails while other butterflies have thousands in terms of patterns and colors.

3. The pattern or color of the wings

Another thing that distinguishes itself from other species is the color and pattern found on its wings while other body parts resemble ordinary butterflies in general. As has been explained above about the difference with other butterflies, it has an interesting color if seen meaning that if we see the color pattern of the wings then remember the pattern on the body of the Jaguar or on one of the Sumatran tigers.

The combination of the upper part is like the previous review while the pattern under the wing resembles a normal butterfly in general, so it says it has two patterns in one wing.

That's a little review of them, namely the Putrie butterfly or the Sumatran tiger butterfly, more precisely. For more details about this, please follow the video below.

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