Competition 71- Life and Colors/ The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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I thank @xpilar for offering us their art to take advantage of developing our creativity. It's impressive how much you can think of when you see an image. An image helps to create a story or a poem, it all depends on what it reflects for you but it always gives you the opportunity to have a reason to write.


Credit of @xpilar

Life and colors

Many ideas flutter around in my head; all colors from white, blue, red, green and even black. Many times I can't find what to do with them. There are so many that take up so many gigs on my computer, but I have to establish priorities to make the decision that corresponds to each idea. Sometimes I make a mixture of colors, perhaps dual or more colors to generate a different color, or simply combine them. If I mix the colors with black or white I can get nuances, it all depends on the color I want to give my idea. For now, I have a white and a green idea but I will not mix them, I will only use the white color to give clarity to the idea I have. I need to give light to what I feel, sadness is dark. White is the light that extinguishes sadness or at least mitigates it and green is the hope of harboring joy again in the heart.

Let's look for, or rather find, the colors that give joy and light to our lives, let's play with colors; let's give nuances and make mixtures; it's the fun of life but don't forget that contrasts are also important. Just don't let your life be a constant contrast, live your life as you want but don't saturate its colors because extremes are not good. Try to find the balance to create stability in your ideas and feelings. Enjoy your loved ones because you don't know how long they can be by your side for a hug or a kiss. Right now they are, tomorrow you do not know if they are there to show them, love.

If you feel that you have no ideas and that you have run out of creativity, visit the @xpilar contest post and participate. I'm sure you won't regret it. You will be anchored to this initiative because it is a liberating exercise.


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Hi @antoniarhuiz

Thanks for your thoughts and great description of colors

and thank you for your mention of the competition


Para mi es grato, fortalecer esta iniciativa @xpilar. Gracias

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I totally agree with your words, green is hope.
Let's sow hope and wait for the results

Gracias amiga bella por pasar a dejarme tus palabras de motivación.

This narrative was like a flow of feelings, colors, dreams and even informatic bytes that bring us a bright backround to keep our walk!!
Nice writing dear @Antoniarhuiz!!
Send my best regards, much grateful also to find about this initiative by Xpilar!!

Agradecida mi bello @leveuf. Siempre atento, me conmueven tus palabras.

Es un placer visitar estos bellos rincones steemianos!! :)
Más abrazos y Buenos vientos, @Antoniarhuiz!!

A good analogy, life and its colors, each with emotions, thoughts and feelings. Well done, Mamalela! Your colors are beautiful!

Gracias Mamalela, siempre acertada con tus comentarios. Gracias por estar.

Excelente amiga. Un abrazo.

Gracias bella.