My Entry for The Gaugan IA Contest - Week 45

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Hi there Lovely People of HIVE WORLD,
Hope you all having a great FRIDAY.

I am sharing my entry for Gaugan IA Contest by @steemean.
It is weekly contest where you play with gaugan app and share the result and manual drawings. You can visit the original Contest post by clicking Here

My Entry for 45th Week


On Gaugan ArtBoard



I create a GIF of different results taken from Gaugan App.



Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit



Wow, i totally liked your work, i think i will join the challenge!

You are welcome to play the Gaugan Game.

Thank You and Yes, @tripode it is awesome app where you get the realistic result of your casual drawing... So it will be good to join the Contest :)

Hi my friend, sorry for answering just today.
Going to the beach and fishing.
Another beautiful Gaugan a great card to play the Contest game. :-)
This week is very tough to decide. :-(

Thanks for the Visit :D here on my blog.
Yes, hard for you to decide... :) there are awesome Artists on the Contest :)

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