The Gaugan AI Contest on Steemit-Week 21 : Snowy burrows

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I was thinking of bunnies somehow this week, maybe because Easter is near. Bunnies living in the burrows of the ground, covered with snow because it was winter. They were hiding mostly, away from the winter cold.


I changed the sky and sea to snow this round:
But am not sure why is there a cut at the bottom part of the snow.

Then, I added some diamond shaped rocks, scattered around the snowy ground:

Plus some flowers:

I inserted a house and roof at the top right hand corner and a river beside it but the river turned into snow:

Added a fence next to the house and more flower strokes:

Now, I am imagining little bunnies hiding in the burrows :)

My doodle:

The sophisticated looking GauGAN AI output:

This is my entry to @steemean's The Gaugan IA Contest on Steemit-Week 21 | O Concurso Gaugan IA no Steemit-Semana 21 :) Come and check this contest and tool out!

All photos were direct screenshots from the Nvidia Gaugan tool.

Join me in supporting Jimbo, one of our awesome youngest Steemians here in his out-of-the box contest, with the help of his equally awesome father.

If you are unsure how to begin, I created a quick tutorial a couple of weeks back for anyone who wants to give this a try too :) It is fun and the results may surprise you!


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Time for bunnies and chocolate.
Beautiful ice landscape.
Bunnies will come out. :)
I imagine it.

Una estupenda participación @marblely, tengo que aprender hacer estos fabulosos trabajos.

What an incredible imagination you have @marblely, you always astonish me with your ideas. Nice job this one!
Sending you my best vibes and wishes, take care my dear friend.
Hugs and love to you 🤗🤗❤️

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