My Garden Journal, August 2019

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This is my first garden diary, or rather, the diary of an attempted garden; going to the call made by my dear @simplymike, at this post. The truth is that from the beginning of this year I made the decision to start growing some plants and thus begin this adventure, because I always remember the beautiful garden that my mother had, and that my father destroyed to build another wing of the house, of course the family grew and a space was needed for those who came to sleep, then my mother began to take care of the family business and we never again had the green and flourishing garden that I remember.

It has been quite a difficult job, because some of the pets and other pests have not let me advance as I wanted, since I was little my grandmother gave me some Amazon turtles, known in my country as "Morrocoy", and these literally multiplied, they are freely in the garden, and thus do not let anything at all grow, I think I'll send them all to my father's farm (there are more than 50), my mother has a rooster that besides making sure I don't sleep until late, also eats some plants, like mint and chives, a couple of nights ago I discovered some chapulins that have been eating coriander and mint as well, and finally has fallen aphid to my cotton plants, this beginning, has been a disaster.

But not everything is bad, because each one of the things has solution, for the aphid I will use leaves of tobacco fermented in water, this turns it into an excellent fungicide, without using chemicals that attack to the ground and especially to the plants that we consume. While I think about what to do with the Amazon tortoises and the rooster, I have arranged the plants in high shelves and improvised tables, and then place them in safe places where they can grow much better. I've started a collection of succulents, I'm anxious to make a good arrangement with them, I know they will look beautiful, a couple of varieties of aloe vera, pencil cleaner and zamioculcas are some of the ones I have so far.

From last year's harvest of jaca fruit I have planted some seeds, and just two plants have managed to survive, in a couple of months I must transplant to the ground, basil and plantain are other herbs that have managed to survive the pests, these are great to prepare infusions and spice our meals.

The cherry tomatoes and chili, on the other hand, are doing very well, which has me quite excited, because I have not had much luck with these previously, in fact the chili is the second time that gives me good fruits, and taking into account that they are spicy and I love spicy, this is very good news. This year has also been very good for the lemon, since I began to put fertilizer made from worms, the result has been great, big lemons and juicy for my juices and recipes, I really love lemon.

Last year I started to plant mint, in principle it was a small pot, and I had to transplant them twice and they are as you can see in the picture, the pomegranate tree for the second time this year is giving its fruits, like the soursop tree, although with the latter I have had some problems with pests and parasite plants, for this last problem we must prune the tree and cut the branches with these parasites, that is already a job for my dad.

As you can see there is still a lot to organize in my garden disorder, fight with some pests and relocate the turtles, I hope for next month to have some progress and at least to have finished with the pests, without having to use chemical fertilizers, because I try to have organic crops, at the end of the day this is what we consume. I hope you liked this walk through my garden. See you next time!

Images of my property, taken with the camera lens of my iPhone 5s phone, no editing.

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Cool, nice garden!

Wow! You've done really well for your first year!

I hope to improve even more, I think I can do better!

Great to see your garden update, @fmbs25.
Thanks for joining!

Thanks to you for creating this initiative, it's great to share the progress of my disastrous garden!

Still a nice mix of fruit and vegetables even for the fight with pests and pets @fmbs25

Hi, @fmbs25!

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Sounds like you have some nice natural solution to deal with the issues cropping up. I hope next month we get to hear how it resolved them!

A number of people seem to be trying out mint this year. Makes me interesting in giving it a go for next year if I don’t forget. Thank you for sharing have an amazing weekend.

The problem with mint is that its insecticidal properties tend to kill some types of plants, this I use more than anything to bathe dogs, to avoid fleas and ticks! The same happy week for you!

Bravo for you - fighting those pest, not giving up but coming up with a plan so you can get a harvest off! Amazing that the pomegranate is producing fruit for the second time round! And you've got lemons! I only wish!
Thanks for sharing!

That's an amazing result, @fmbs25 - especially for your first year! Looks like you're well on your way to recreating the lush gardens your mother used to have, and then some! Congratulations on your progress, and best of luck in dealing with the pests. Happy growing!