My Hive Community Garden Journal Challenge May Entry

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Hello again Garden Journal community,

@simplymike is back with another garden journal challenge. I wasn't able to consistently participate because I kind of had ignored my patio garden lately. I was busy with my other community in real life especially during the quarantine days. Constant catch up via video call trying to make sure everyone is safe and has food is what kept me occupied. We are now on general community quarantine wherein some activities are now slowly being allowed.

Going back to my patio garden
The flowering and ornamental plants had survived but not my vegetables from previous post. See how they are cramped by the entrance facing the road. They managed to live on rain water while I was out for days checking on my members who were stranded and lockdown
The plants had grown now a bit looking like a jungle here
This is a spider plant gifted to me lately. They say that these purify the air. I will make sure I can grow a piece and give it to my friend.I think they call them runners, pluck then plant to grow a new
This is a sparagus but not that edible vegetable. This is used for flower arrangements. I got this from my sister after the lockdown for a month. We spent those days together gardening
If all the plants I had to leave behind, this I took with me when I stayed with my sister. Just a simple flower but it gave me joy just looking at it. No joke I had to send someone back home to get this for me



Now I am back home. I started gardening once again. Looks like the situation is slowly getting back to normal or as they call it new normal. People are still taking precautions of course to be safe. My plants survived on their own except for the vegetables. My succulents as expected lived because they have the capacity to store water. That's it for now my friends.

More about garden journal challenge on Mike's post

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Congratulations, your post has been selected to be included in my weekly Sustainability Curation Digest for the Minnow Support Project.

Wow what a beautiful surprise. Thank you

Sorry to hear the veggies didn't survive. But the other ones surely look good. It's a really nice 'jungle' you have there.

I never knew those were called spider plants. I remember we had them at school, where we always cut off those 'runners'. After a while, everyone in my class had a couple of those plants at home. It really is the plant that keeps on giving 😁

Yes a nice jungle indeed 😄
Spider plant is what we commonly name it here in my small circle of gardeners maybe it has a different name. That is the beauty of having a n online community like this Hive Community Garden Journal we learn from each other. After seeing some entries I got envious because other participants have fruit bearing trees or shrubs that we don't here in the Philippines. I can't thank you enough and the community for having this activity.