March garden deeds

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Like many other homesteaders in March I prepare my garden for new season. In general, I started preparing in January, but today there was a funny incident and I decided to devote my post to this event, and at the same time take part in Garden Journal Challenge from @simplymike

Today, searching for some things in the basement, I discovered a bucket of sprouted potatoes, which I forgot last spring. Potatoes lay for a year and suddenly sprouted. Thanks to these sprouts, I discovered them


The potato itself was small, but I thought that since it had not died in a year, I should put it as it should in the ground.

But not just to the ground. I have long wanted to somehow recycle old furniture. So I decided to use it as high beds and plant potatoes there


No sooner said than done


In addition to potatoes, I decided to transplant a young oak tree that grew near my house, in the place where I plans to make a porch


This time I did everything without an excavator :)


Well, for complete happiness, I arranged another round bed for zucchini, in the place where I was digging a trench for pipes


Last year I made 8 or 9 of these beds, but there were so many zucchini that we did not have time to eat them. I still have several boxes of zucchini from last year’s harvest in my basement. Therefore, this year I will limit myself to 5 beds.


March ends, and gardening matters are just beginning. I hope to share with you some more interesting garden news. And that's all for today.

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Wow! I have never seen such long sprouts on potatoes, 😂
If they've survived for a year, those must be some awesome ones!

I guess everyone has the same thing with zucchinis, lol. Too much to eat, every year again.
I don't really like zucchinis that much, but I have 1 or 2 plants every year, only because they always give me a chance to harvest.

Thanks for joining the challenge, @astrizak

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