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Hello, hivers! Welcome to my greenhouse!

This post is an update on the tomato plants in my greenhouse.

My first group of tomato plant seedlings were getting to big for the little starter pots, so it was time to start transplanting them into larger pots. I decided that instead of just putting them into pots that were a bit larger, I might as well just plant the largest plants of the 3 types into the big greenhouse pots where they'll spend the summer. I can't plant all 18 plants in the greenhouse because I only have room for 10 of the 15 gallon pots along the front wall of the greenhouse.

I planted 4 of the Roma plants, 4 of the Amish Paste plants, and 2 of the Blue Beech plants in the big pots. I know the Amish Paste plants and the Roma plants will do well in the greenhouse, I've grown them in there for several years. The Blue Beech tomato is new for me, so I don't know how well it will do. It's supposed to be a paste type tomato, so I thought it would be worth trying in the greenhouse this year.

The reason that I plant paste type tomatoes in the greenhouse, and not the beefsteak types is because the paste type tomatoes seem to pollinate their flowers in the greenhouse much better than the beefsteak types, at least in my experience.

I started planting the greenhouse pots on Wednesday, the 12th. I had finally gotten enough dirt in all the pots to be able to do the planting. This was before I started planting. I had already transplanted a couple of the biggest plants into bigger pots.


My second batch of plants is doing pretty well also. These will be planted out in the garden at the end of the month, and I'll probably have enough plants to give a few away. My succulents seem to like the sunshine and heat from the wall. Pink Dino stands guard...


After I started the process of planting in the big pots. These 4 plants are the Romas.


I got the 2 Blue Beech plants planted, and that was where I stopped on Wednesday.


On Thursday, I continued the process of planting. These are the 4 Amish Paste tomato plants. As you can see, I also planted a small marigold plant in each of the 4 big pots.


I only had 8 marigold plants to plant, so the other 4 got planted with the Roma plants. I'll need to get another couple of marigolds to finish in the greenhouse.



Now that I have all the plants in the pots, I'll need to set up my irrigation system for the pots. I have a home made system that works with gravity feed from the 50 gallon plastic barrel in the greenhouse. I'll describe that system in more detail once I get it set up and get a few pictures of it.

That's all I have for this post, thanks for stopping by to check it out!

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They are looking good, you put the marigolds in the same pot?

I have been starting them in my garden as I keep reading the great benefits.

For the greenhouse tomato plants, yes, I put a marigold plant in with each tomato plant. It does seem to help keep some of the bugs away. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with whiteflies. Those damned things even infest the marigolds...

Nice, I wasn't sure if the root was invasive. Going to try this in my 20g indoor pot.

Glad to see them doing so well. Hope the marigolds don't take over again this year....

I think these are the small marigolds, so I don't think they'll grow so crazy this year. They were pretty glorious last year though! 😀

Amazing! Look forward to seeing future garden updates! Your knowledge and skill are very inspiring! Your greenhouse setup seems so quaint and cute but more importantly efficient! Thank you for sharing, oh great Garden Wizard!

Thank you! 😊

I love your greenhouse, including that each tomato plant gets a marigold defender, and your pink dino protector. :)

Thank you! 😀

I see you have been busy. Everything looks so organized in the greenhouse. As much as I like growing veggies, I also like making the gardens a place of beauty. I can't wait to see your #DIY watering system.

Looks are deceiving, you should see the back of the greenhouse...LOL

This looks so fucking dope!!! So orderly!!!

Thank you!

Hey old fart! Your patio looks so inviting. I have a cousin who lives in the U.P as they call it. Brrrr.

Ya, da U.P., eh! 😀
What part of the U.P. does your cousin live in? I'm in the Iron Mountain area.

I wanna say Marinette, there a Marinette up there?

Well, Marinette is in Wisconsin, right on the border. Across the river from Marinette is Menominee, Mi. That's up north east of Green Bay WI right on the lake.

We don't talk very often, "guilty!" Last I spoke to him I'm pretty sure it was an 'M' city in the 'U-P' and I know the images ive seen of his looks like it snows.... a lot!