Vegie Garden Update! ~ (and some other things)

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It's been a month and ten days since I babbled excitedly about my newbie garden intentions and how my partner built some planters for me and I was going to plant all the things! ... It feels longer than that. I was surprised when I scrolled back through my blog and realised it was only a bit over a month ago.

In this month and ten days, my Basil and Tomatoes have gone from this:

To this:

tomatoes basil growing nicely.jpg

I tidied up the basil a lot after that storm that knocked the seeds around, and removed the tiny, slower growing ones. And I'm still perturbed that the best growing specimens of both tomato and basil are located on the far right.

Who'd have thought a mere hour of extra morning sun each day could boost them above the others so? Not me. I'm a newb.

I'm thinking of removing the two tomatoes in the centre that are tiny midgets compared to their friends, and spreading the rest accordingly to take advantage of the extra room that will be freed up. But I'm too terrified to reposition the large one on the right. I don't want to hurt him. So he can stay right there.

Same goes for the basil on the right. Totally not confident enough.

other vegies growing.jpg

Two of my three silverbeet are still clinging to life. One moreso than the other. I really hope the more flourishing one survives at least. If the one on the left fizzles out and dies, I want to move the good one into the other's spot... but once again: I'm afraid of killing my tasty friends.

At least the carrots are growing nicely. And the brocolli seems to be as well! And my one spanish onion, haha.

In this batch, I'm just disappointed that my silverbeet isn't growing as well as it could be. I need to do better. But I'm learning! That's the main thing. One day I will be a vegie growing queen.

The brocolli will probably be happier in coming weeks due to the weather coolling down. I'm just happy it's alive! 😅

garlic chives.jpg

After a rocky start with my garlic chives, due to the fact that they just would not germinate, the newer batch of seeds I bought actually sprouted! And they're doing well.

I've had issues with chives in the past. This isn't my first time trying to grow the damned things. I once tried to grow them as a kitchen window-sill herb, but, they never lived. They'd get to about this size and then just... turn brown and die.

I'm hoping that these ones, out in their natural environment rather than my windowsill, will thrive and garnish my meals soon.

spring onions.jpg

And my mass of spring onions are growing fantastically!

I really should have planted them neatly, but I wasn't thinking at the time. I was in more of a, "MUAHAHAAH! Spring onions!" - scatter scatter scatter - "Grow my pretties!" type of mood with these guys.

They seem to be doing okay though. 😁

All in all...

I am pleased with my vegetables so far and I hope they continue to thrive and that I do nothing stupid to ruin them. Like repositioning them and them being so angry with me that they die.

spice rack.jpg

In other news...

As mentioned previously, in my very first newbie gardener post, my partner is a woodworking enthusiast who hasn't had enough things to create lately.

So good thing I'm here to get him back into creation mode!

It was my birthday recently and he made a spice rack for me. 🙂 This is it sitting there on the table after getting its first coat of varnish. It's now on top of my microwave harbouring all those little spice jars that all kitchens should have!

And to go with my kitchenning, I bought for myself this wonderful leather-bound book:

new cookbook dragon leather journal.jpg

What does this have to do with kitchenning? You may ask.

This, my friends, is to become a glorious cookbook. I'm referring to it as My Fancy-Arse Cookbook. Other people have simple notebook style cookbooks that get passed down through their family... not me. I'll be passing down my dragon-inscribed leather-bound Fancy-Arse Cookbook!

It shall be glorious! 📚📝😁


Until next time,

Thanks for stopping by! 🌿


charlie transparent kitty cat.png

Complimentary Charlie Photo! 😸



All photos in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci


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