Water is useless to grow things!


Reading the title, you're probably thinking "WTF is he on about?!"

Well, water is fucking useless, to grow things, when used on it's own.

All of my life I have heard from people about how you can sprout sweet potatoes in water, and regrow onion bottoms in water, and sprout various seeds in water.

Well, after years of trying to do this various times, and just sticking them in the ground other times, I can tell you, that without a doubt, trying to grow shit with water alone is fucking stupid and useless and likely just to end up rotten.

The problem is that there is fungus of all types on EVERYTHING, and there's a good chance that it's gonna grow on whatever you try to sprout, even if you try to sterilize everything. You can try to sterilize whatever you're growing and giving it a better chance, but you know what's even easier? Just use dirt.

If I were to try to grow something in liquid, I would not do so in water. I would either use hydroponic fertilizer, or boil some dirt or compost in some water, to make sterilized compost tea.

If I were to grow sprouts, I would then add a bit of lemon or vinegar to that, to discourage anything else from growing in it. Probably best to take a PH reading for that as well.

Things just grow better with nutrients.

Sweet potatoes absolutely will grow in just water, but they grow a lot better in dirt. Same with seeds. Many seeds will grow in water. But you know what else grows in water? All sorts of foul shit that will make it stinky and fuzzy. That shit grows in dirt too, but it seems to be more of a problem when the only thing for it to grow on is what you're actually wanting to grow.

So, if you want to not throw away some onion roots, because you wanna grow some onions, or some lettuce, or some cabbage, or whatever, just stick it in some dirt in a pot and water it.

If you want to give seeds a head start, figure out something to make some little plant starters. Maybe some newspaper starter pots. I hear they're pretty easy, but haven't tried them myself.

After years and years of growing shit in just water, and dealing with losing more than half of them, I can tell you, it's just plain stupid. Don't do it.

Image by elletakesphotos (source)
Used under the Pixabay License