Spikey friends and youngsters.

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How are we?
Are we holding or dumping?

Either way, here's some cactus for your eyeballs!


This guy is going to be HUGE!

Im hoping this turns into something weird!

One of my favourite cacti so far, it nearly looks holographic in real life..

Believe it or not, this one is the same age as the ones pictured above, it was just potted up and cared for earlier.


This 'SSO2' pup looks nothing like the log it's pupping from...making me think it may be a cross...

A Rosei #1 pup that was cut off and rooted...it's now put on an extra rib!

In other news I scored this log of very unhealthy variegated Cereus.

Hopefully when it's rooted and pups it holds varigation but I have my doubts!

May the steem keep rising and your plants be healthy!
Happy gardening and thanks for stopping by again Steemers 😊

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Thank you, I have followed both handles....your support is appreciated greatly!

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Oh my goodness. It is quite funny when we look at cacti in the same way we look at tokens and steem.

Me: "The one is weird, but I'll watch it anyways in case it does something cool."

Hahaha, yes that is quite funny 😎

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Ohhh cacti! I just spent 2 days repoting mine after finding out a terrible mealybug infestation. My fingers did not like that :D I still adore them though!

Maybe they all grow healthy now!

Mealy bugs can be terrible thing but easy enough to treat thankfully.
I hope your fingers heal nice and quick 😉

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I lost some cacti, because I didn't see them. They were hiding in the soil and under the cactus. When I took them out from the pot it was too late.

They are fully recovered. I am ready for more!

Very resilient plants I'm glad they recovered for you!!

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That last monster looks familiar. A friend of my husband's took something down in his garden and have it to us, telling us it was a hallucinogen. I donated it to someone who was after expanding her cactus collection, as I lean more to food providers than hallucinogens. Those spines were pretty offputting too.

No certainly not a hallucinogen that fat one, simply a cool looking Cereus.

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