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Last spring was hard for me. As you may remember, suddenly I was left alone with all my animals. I was confused and did not really understand how I could handle it. Therefore, the garden remained out of my attention. Garden pests immediately took advantage of this.
This year, I firmly decided to fix it. I have already treated all trees and shrubs with a pest control agent. I do not have a special garden sprayer, but I solved this problem by using a paint sprayer ... Perhaps my neighbors were surprised, but I need an effect.
Fortunately, my strawberry successfully survived the winter. I removed the straw with which I covered it and saw young green shoots. It is wonderful! Strawberries and raspberries are my favorite berries.
Dogs closely watched my work, so I did everything right :)








I'll bet they all wanted to get in there and give you a helping paw.

They are really good at digging :)

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