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Time to write a post, it's been a while...

in gardening •  last month 

I was there. 🙂

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I was there too! However, no one knew it because I fell asleep at my computer right before the show. And when I woke up, it was like 5 minutes after the show ended. SOOO pissed!!! So sad I missed you! Grrr.

Well, I would say that falls under the category of "stuff happens"...LOL

Well, I've got the show on calendar, and even a little alert to remind me. And I still miss it sometimes, cuz I be sleepy. But I plan to be there tomorrow. Maybe ping me. And that will rattle my cage a little.

Darn, it's midnight on Saturday! I forgot....

LOL. Me too. But it looks like we both made it!!! Then I fell asleep - like I said. They always catch me sleeping if it's after 11. LOL