Finishing the harvest at the community garden plots

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Hello, and welcome to my page, eh!

I didn't realize that it had been about 3 weeks since my last post about my community garden plots. At that time I gathered up much of that I had grown there over the summer. You can read that post from this link.

A couple of days ago, I finally got back up to my community garden plots to finish digging the potatoes there. I had gone up there a couple of weeks ago and dug 2 rows of potatoes, but I still had 2 rows of the red potatoes left to dig, and most of the blue potatoes . There was 2 rows of blue potatoes, but not all of them came up after I planted them, so I had about 1 row of digging to do for the blue potatoes. I also had some corn stalks still standing that needed to be pulled out of the garden. The garden looked like this when I got there.


I wanted to get the potatoes dug before doing anything else, so I got started on that. This is the 2 rows that I needed to dig.

Here's the potatoes from the 2 rows. I think they did pretty well this year. There was generally 7 plants per row, except where a plant didn't come up in a couple of the rows.

Here's the results from digging up the blue potato plants. It could have been better, but I planted them late.

After getting all the potatoes loaded up into the car, I started pulling the rest of the corn stalks. The ground here has a lot of sand in it, so the corn stalks are fairly easy to get out of the ground, except a few with big root balls. The digging fork helped with getting those out. When I was done pulling all the stalks out, a had several small piles of corn stalks, and a pile of pumpkin and squash vines.

We're supposed to have several nice days toward the end of this week, so I'm planning on hauling my chipper up to the garden and shredding all the corn stalks into the garden. I'm going to attempt to shred the pumpkin vines also, but that could get interesting with the mess of vines that I have. I just have a bit more cleanup to do there and I'll be done for this year. I went back up there and cut the grass yesterday. That should be the last time for this year. It won't be a mess to deal with in the spring that way.

Well, that's all I have for this post. Thanks for stopping by to check it out!

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I planted my potatoes VERY late in pots alongside beans. Most have dried up already but now I'm waiting for the beans plants to dry up before I start digging. I'm surprised they're still producing a few more little pods

Bean plants are like that, they seem to keep going until the frost kills them. Some types of green beans just produce for a few weeks and then die back, but dry beans tend to just keep on flowering.

About how many pounds of red potatoes did you get out of that?

I think i will need about twice the area you planted if i want to go sans-grocery store.

I figure that I probably got close to 100 pounds of red potatoes from that plot.
I suppose that how many pounds of potatoes you need for a year depends on how many people that you're feeding.


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