First 🍅 Tomato.

in #garden4 months ago

Well, it might be the only tomato!


I planted these back in September, in the middle of the spring here in Buenos Aires, with the first post about the tomatoes in early October 2020. See the picture below that was included in that post.


Since then, the four plants that I had had overgrown the corner of the house where I had my grow light. I had moved them outside where they got lots of light and water. I was not sure that I would ever see a flower on the plants, and then last month I saw the first flowers.

Today I was watering them and I saw one lone tomato. I have four or five pots filled with tomato plants, most of them are at 5 ft tall, and I have now seen my one tomato!

The end, it was a lot of mess and work, a considerable amount of bugs, all for that one tomato.

All in all, I have learned a lot and enjoy taking care of the plants seeing how they produce fruit. The cucumbers especially have rendered many many medium sized cucumbers which I have turned into pickles.



Congratulations, you are already receiving the harvest. Tomatoes are very delicate, you have to take special care of them.