Seeing and thinking is also like a video game ( My thought )

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There are many academic studies and discussions of this kind that I will not enter now, but at least I hope we all reflect on it. A videogame, when it is offering a passive experience in which we do not touch the control or interact with any element, continues to maintain its essence of origin. Seeing and thinking are also interactions.


When we are watching a cinematic sequence, for example, we are also interacting with the video game. We are seeing, assimilating, thinking and attending something relevant in the experience, which at another time does include more tangible elements of interaction. The problem, in the end, comes when these most passive moments are of poor quality: you don't want to see them and they bore you, because the predisposition of the environment always tends to the active state.


¿To think the next move is to stop interacting with a game of chess? Let's think about it also within the rules of the video game

Thinking of video games as toys is also harmful. For decades the consumption of video games has been understood in parallel to that of toys, as mere entertainment for children, to a greater extent. This has led to thinking, consciously or unconsciously, that these should be fun, active, imaginative and enjoyable. However, we are all the potential of this method of expression, capable of offering in many different ways infinite types of experiences. The game designer always usually applies the maximum interaction equal to direct fun, discarding the most boring or passive forms. ¿Why? ¿If the work wants to convey something concrete and the best way to do it is with another type of interaction, will the video game be worse? Do not.

We have been looking for labels for years, defining genres, redefining them, discussing what is and what is not a videogame... and I think everything is much simpler. A video game must be played and must be interactive, otherwise we would be talking about another method of expression, but that interaction can be more or less passive. Let us focus on understanding and understanding why these decisions are made, what is achieved by transmitting these elements and how they work, because that is what enriches the environment and all its consumers. But every time we enjoy the experience offered by a video game, be it more passive or more active, it is interactive.

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I think you're on to something. Here is a one up for you.

I do not understand what you mean partner, and thank you very much for the vote

I like what you say about how life is like a video game.

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