My Rewards From The Past Season

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These are the rewards I got for playing as @some-asshole. That's my main account now, not @sharkmonsters. Why? Because it's a funnier name. Shark Monsters was also a play on Steem Monsters, which is no longer the name of the game.

Not bad! I'll take just about any card over a potion, and Orbs are always good to get, even the cards you get from them are usually pretty meh.

Hell yeah! A gold card and an epic one! I haven't really used Shadowy Presence much, but it seems like it could be useful in certain situations. I like that there are more 1 mana cards now. Because, there was only really Creeping Ooze, and you couldn't use it with certain rulesets like Taking Sides.

This is more like the usual rewards. Nothing special.

Slightly better. Anything over 100 DEC feels like something, at least. Plus a few cards!

Better! Another epic card.

Decent! A rare card and 248 DEC. I'll take it!

Okay, that's simply too many dang single-charge potions! 😂

288 DEC. Not bad. I've still never gotten a crazy DEC amount like I've seen some people post in the Splinterlands Discord channel. 75,000+ and whatnot.

Well, I think that's it. The rewards aren't quite as thrilling as they used to be when they were all cards, but it's still fun to open them up and hope for the best. I did get some other rewards as other accounts, but I didn't take screenshots of all of them.

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