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RE: Tag #BATTLE on All Your Gaming & NFT Content!

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Thanks a lot for this cool initiative! At first when I saw this BATTLE tokens in my wallet I thought "WOW A NEW HIVE GAME!!!" 🤣
But this is nice too, to have a common denominator token that you can use here and there in all the games. I think it will also help to make the community more cross-gamer, so when you find a new Hive user you both can talk about 2 or 3 different games that you both play...
Thinking out loud... Battlegames or NFT created with them could be used as some sort of AMIIBO in the ecosystem...
Imagine a Holybread character using a BattleGames exclusive shield, or a special suit in EXODE with the BATTLE logo, or ofc a building in DCITY called "BATTLESTOP" Like a Gamestop Battlegames exclusive NFT... 😁
Maybe Im dreaming too much! hahaha


Spot on, all great ideas! We're lucky enough to already have an NFT in dCity, the ProGamer! 😎 You bid on this NFT with $BATTLE through their website, new auction every 24hrs apx. We have some plans for Exode too, including a handful of rental account ready to go.. good times