Surprise Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Alpha for PS4!

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While most gamers have had their attention focused on the details of the Xbox and Playstation launches into the new generation of consoles, one of the events surprised many with an exclusive look for players into the new addition to the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops Cold War. While details of the new game have already been circulating for a couple of weeks with some interesting marketing, the game used the PS5 Showcase to show a mission and also announce an exclusive PS4 Open Alpha for players last weekend.

It was only available for two days but my friends list was completely on the game as most are excited for the newest Treyarch take at the popular franchise. Even I was interested and it was able to get me off Destiny 2 which has once again consumed my time. However, I really did not stay too long because I found the Alpha a bit underwhelming. While I could definitely see the Treyarch side of the development, it felt a little slow and inconsistent. I was happy about seeing a good overall connection but everything else was ok.

The bigger maps of the new Combined Arms mode was not really fun as I felt that most of my time on the map was spent looking for the battles taking place around the map. I was also reminded by the issue of play spending more time in corners rather than discovering the map most of the time. My friends had split thought as some really liked it and other were aligned with me. However, we must consider that it was just an Alpha and improvements should come soon. The next time we get to try it is for the announced Beta early October so hopefully we get a different experience!

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