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RE: Rising Star goes Halloween and Splinterlands goes gold

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I've been hearing about these games since they came out but never found the time or inclination to play any.

My wife loves these types of games so I'm trying to get her to have a go and tell me all about it. 😂👍

Good overview Steve. I got the gist of it.


There seems to be a huge market for simple games and we need a slice of that. They need to be playable on mobile devices and some of these need some improvement there. Rising Star makes it possible via a special URL, but it keeps logging me out and the interface uses too many tiny buttons that don't work well on a small screen.

Imagine if 1% of those playing Farmville, Fruit Ninja or whatever people play now started playing Hive games! They could be winning something with real value.

The mobile version of the site will be updated at some point and the logging out problem will be fixed. It has to do with mobile browsers causing cookies to expire too quickly.

Cool. I am sure you have plenty on your to-do list and this is not too bad to deal with. I do see mobile as a key growth area though. A lot of people rarely use a PC.


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Exactly my point to my wife. If you are playing games anyway why not earn a bit of crypto to boot.

Like most people. She don't get it?
But games she gets.
Shame about the ui?

I do play Rising Star on my phone to kick off missions when I'm out. That is when the long ones are useful even though you make less per hour. It's a single developer and he is overloaded really.

I see some people giving up on Splinterlands with the new rule changes. That's a shame.

I never got into Splinterlands but I hear it was very successful?
I'll show her Rising Sun 👍
Whoops! Rising Star 😂

Splinterlands has up to about 6000 active players, which is nothing compared to some casual games. It will be interesting to see if they can keep them playing. Cryptobrewmaster is doing fairly well, but needs to gain features to avoid boredom. There's potential there.

Sounds interesting. I will take a look.👍