Internets of Value : MMOs to MMRTESs

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The Internet was built for communication. It was obvious from the very beginning that peer-to-peer exchanges would quickly turn into a database-driven information age.

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We now have witnessed at least our second brain-generation who grew up with full digital access. And yet, we as a society (as a whole) still do not acknowledge the importance of intellectual property beyond what we can see, touch and feel.

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This is a greater problem than most top leaders realize. Fortunately, there is a subtle fix that has emerged and will be hard to displace. No, I am not specifically pointing to crypto. Yes, crypto is a solution for our lack-of-assigned-valule information age.

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Crypto and full-service creative platforms must become part of the Internet of Things. They will be part of the Internet of Value, but let’s keep the cost out of the range of blood money and find early acceptance/adoption of it alongside the IoT moving forward.

If you like the idea presented here, that of Massively Multiplayer Real-Time Economic Strategy platform (MMRTES) in Prospectors and want me there with you, simply use my referral link . You’ll be listed on my in-game account so I can easily see the portion of the tax revenue that goes to me instead of getting burned.

This is also a way to forge a strong network. It also makes for good conversation on social media like say on the upcoming Voice platform.

BTW, Steem Monsters has made a lot of improvements. It wouldn't surprise me if players become capable of adding comments during battles :) Message/comment me if you like this idea as well.

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Howdy dear @machnbirdsparo.

Interesting approach.

And yet, we as a society (as a whole) still do not acknowledge the importance of intellectual property beyond what we can see, touch and feel.

What about the intellectual property of our posts on steemit?

Are our copyrights recognized or can anyone use and dispose of our work without notifying us and without obtaining any economic benefit from it?

Your friend, Juan.

Our work is our own here, whereas non-monitized sites can lay some claim (though weak).

Check out the future happening now:

Blockchain timestamps is what this link is about. Steemit is ahead of the game. Thing is, EOS is ready to do this on a large scale. Its transaction-free microtransactions make this much easier than most blockchains. I.e. Ethereum requires a gas fee each time writing to its blockchain, while EOS only requires an account.

Here on Steemit, the focus should not be on whales, but rather on securing and adding features to our content. We all should be thinking the way Medium approaches things. Else, a platform like Trybe might make written content obsolete on Steem. I can see the Steem devs wanting to focus on gaming and other apps rather than moving toward our own personal (digitally-time stamped) libraries. The community doesn't value intelligence as much as we used to here. Who knows, maybe it will change. But at least we are better than Facebook.

Hi @machnbirdsparo

It's fascinating to witness how internet is evolving and how we (humans) are evolving together with it. Don't you think?

We now have witnessed at least our second brain-generation who grew up with full digital access.

That's very true. We're witnessing that and also at the same time we're seeing more and more people "left behind", uncapable of ever catching up. It's interesting to see how this world is evolving. Seriously interesting times to live in.

However, regardless of fascinating this world can be, it's bloody scary to think of "Internet of Things" becoming reality. So many things can (and probably will) go wrong. Especially if you combine current solutions with 5G. Absolutely terrifying.

ps. I've never heard about Prospectors. I presume it's not being build on top of STEEM blockchain (Steem-engine) ?

Interesting read buddy. Upvote on the way:)
Yours, Piotr

No, its on EOS, BUT...
....BUT.... but....
Liquid Apps has created a bridge between Ethereum and EOS, as well as, other blockchains.

Seems like there is little the devs like Vitalik, Steem devs, or even Bitcoin Lightning Network devs can do to stop Liquid.

So we may very well see a 2020 where EOS, Steem, and Ethereum are all connected and secured by Bitcoin Proof-of-Proof.

PS. I recommend you come over to Prospectors if you value gaming at all. Remember though, my point was MMO. If we grew up a decade earlier, MMOs would be our Facebook.

Its about avatars as our digital identity. A creative and artistic presentation of ourselves before we ever interact.

Content, like this on Steemit is king, and avatars will be like our crowns and royal garments. Without our own avatars, we will be considered boring. To achieve this we need our own cryptos (i.e Steem Engine, Whale Tokens, etc) and the platform to run it. EOS accounts are ready for this. Steem and Ethereum are not, but through apps like Steem Engine they can do some amazing things. It will be easy for EOS account holders to manage their own tokens.

Again, I give this less than a year- the year of dApps.

Too much? :)

Late thank you for your valuable comment @machnbirdsparo

Appreciate it a lot.

Yours, Piotr

Hello my dear @machnbirdsparo, very good approach.

As for the improvements in the games, thanks to the developers and it is not surprising what you say about comments in the middle of the battles, all the progress is welcome as long as it benefits the quality of the steem chain.

I do not think in terms of the Steem chain, Ethereum chain or EOS chain. I think in terms of crypto. My belief is that to think in terms of one chain is to aid those who would centralize everything.

Crypto the World!

Yeah yeah just gimme the gold, the internet is for the gold and if they can add ninja kittens so I can attack those people who are taking over all the mining spots that would be great.

gamify the web !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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