Childhood Classics: Runescape (vol.2) - kicking some Hill Giant a...-donkey (OSRS)

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Hello, fellow 9-year olds, this is your lad gamergirl69 speaking... today we will be playing some more RuneScape.

[cough-cough] cringy overused jokes aside, this really is another RuneScape post since the last one got pretty nice engagement. (And I'm a sucker for engagement!)

If you've never played RuneScape or just don't know much about it, I'm not sure about how much value this post gives to you, so you can just keep calm and carry on. I'll write some non-RuneScape posts next for sure.

Anyway, this morning I overcame my laziness and delt with the authentication problem described in the previous post. Well, actually I just got the damn thing disabled and was good to go.


The moment I logged on, I found myself somewhere in a chicken pen near Lumbridge with a couple hundred feathers in my inventory. Hmm, couldn't remember why exactly I was killing chicken 1,138 days ago so I bailed and decided to go to the Grand Exchange near Varrock and sell all the feathers.

As I was about to leave for a tiny suspicious looking house near Barbarian Village, some random dude started following me. I stopped, said "hi", got a greeting back, and played dead. We stood there for a good minute until I walked away. I don't think he noticed me go, he just kept standing there. (Phew!)

So I reached the little house, opened the door with a Brass Key and climbed down the ladder to find a bunch of Hill Giants to kill. (Shoutout to @furious-one who fondly remembered farming them under the last post's comments).


Hey, look, this one has a mohawk! ^

I decided to loot everything they dropped after death (except for the ... Big? Bones, which I buried for some Prayer XP) until my inventory was full, and then go sell the stuff at Grand Exchange once again.

This was actually my second round. The first round I got an uncut gem and a treasure map(?) in addition to many of the same things.

Nevertheless, after selling all the loot depicted (except for the runes, which I put in my bank), I had a total of almost 9,000 gp from just one killing spree. Pretty nice, I'd say.

Now the curiosity struck - what DO I have in bank anyway?


1020K gp seems like a funny way of showing the amount of money one has. A thousand thousands? What are you trying to be, Moon Moon? (Excuse me for bringing such an old meme back to life!). Next to the Salmon is the Treasure Map kinda thing I got from the first round of murdering Hill Giants. Apparently it's a ''Beginners'' one, too. It must be something new(ish) since I'd never seen such items back in the mid 2000s.

Then come the party hats, santa hats, party hat sets, clothing and stuff from randomly pop-up mini quests and events, snowballs and dragon masks. On the original mid-2000s RuneScape party hats, santa hats and dragon masks were pretty rare and cost millions of gp, while on Old School RuneScape I think their value is close to nothing (then again I might be wrong and things might've changed since 3 years prior), they were pretty easy to get when I used to play it at work.

Then come the fishing, mining, woodcutting, etc equipment and I'm yet again greeted by a bunch of feathers. 939 to be exact. Seems like I was killing chicken for fly-fishing? Oh well.

Last but not least, a bunch of runes and an air staff. It's always great to stock up on runes, especially if you're into magic. Still it appears like I didn't manage to train my Magic much. It's only at lvl 37. Oh, and I'm not sure what the keys are for in my bank.

Since I already mentioned my Magic level, here's the whole lot:

In the beginning of today's game session I was Combat Level 62 with Attack 50, Strenght 54 and Prayer 30. 3 levels (4 if you count in Combat Level, which is now 63) in just an hour or two sounds decent.

The highest level I have is Woodcutting at 58. I used to grind on Oak since they sold for a pretty nice price and weren't as crowded by bots as for example Willows and Yews were. (Wait, is my level even high enough for Yews?) Speaking of bots, they also farmed at fishing spots and mines.

Though the three level-ups today came quite easy, as always with MMORPGs it gets harder and harder to level up as you advance. So there's a preeettyy loooongg way to go if I'd want to hit lvl 99 on any of the skills, but I'm thinking that will never happen. I'm just not made to grind that hard. Life needs living, you know. :'D

Now I'm not sure how long I want the RuneScape series to last. Probably just for one, maximum two more posts. I'm thinking for the next RuneScape post I will probably create a new account to show y'all around the legendary Tutorial Island, but I'll probably take a little break firsthand - write about some other games and stuff. Okay? Okay.

What are your favorite skills to grind in MMORPGs? Have you ever reached max lvl in anything? Have anything rare in your inventory or bank / storage?

The rewards of this post shall be 100% powered up for the sakes of our witness votes strength.


Yay, let's compare dick sizes! Here's mine!

Okay, those are pleb numbers, to be honest. I really loved grinding hunter on bird houses, because they make a shitton of money. I also really like fishing... I don't know why, I also like fishing in Minecraft, so it kinda makes sense.

Oh, and please make more Runescape posts, I love to read them! :)

Nice dick! I don't know much about how to progress on member levels, never been one, but it's aight. Where's your favorite fishing spot? (I bet it's Karamja island ;)).

I usually loved fishing at Barbarian village, just because it's cool. xD

Ahhhh, the memories... :)

Tell me more! ;)