The Division 2 (This year's game madness)

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If the French developer Ubisoft has been characterized by something over the years, it is to know how to exploit, almost masterfully, each and every one of its franchises. In this sense, almost every year we have been able to enjoy new games from the developer. A clear example can be seen with the Assassin's Creed saga, where, in a little less than a year, we received the editions of Origins and Oddysey, or Far Cry with the deliveries of Primal, Far Cry 5 and the recent Far Cry New Dawn. It is clear that the formula works and the result is the large number of titles that are published with such assiduity to the delight of the players.


"The Division 2 a sequel to frame"

The first thing we should do is place ourselves in the narrative proposed by the first installment argument. We are The Division, a group of elite soldiers that only supports the most important world crises. After the spread of a virus that has eradicated much of New York City and has placed the city in the hands of street gangs, it is time to act in order to fix this situation. Now, seven long months have passed since the virus spread throughout the world and it is time to get to Washington D.C. and avoid a catastrophe of almost apocalyptic dimensions. The American capital is on the verge of collapse, and anarchy and instability have endangered our society. And, as if that were not enough, the situation is getting worse due to the rumors of a coup d'etat in the Capitol. All active agents of the Division must fight to save the city before it is too late.

Although, a priori, those players who arrive from the first installment will be surprised with few things because the base of the game follows essentially the same pattern of the first delivery, although with many, many nuances. Some skill concepts have been improved and we will find old friends like the turret, although new ones like the drone have come stomping. Likewise, both the dubbing and the sound effects are still in a remarkable perfect while visually and playably continues to follow a delight apart from light classic bugs that we have been able to notice in this edition of PlayStation 4. But it is best to go all the way down little by little after placing ourselves a little in the plot context of the title.

The most and best of the endgame and the Dark Zone

Having gone through its history as a lone wolf, only with the company of gadgets that also support improvements and attack options, my experience with the cooperative has been more focused on the final sections and the Dark Zone. It has been almost always accompanied by friends, being able to better manage the attacks and lamenting the lost opportunity that supposes not having adapted the marking of Ghost Recon Wildlands at the time of the Apex Legends ping.

Fortunately, the flow of enemies makes the challenge there in one situation or another, but I will not deny that I have found the option of being more satisfactory than the one that, in the hands of achievements and failures, I have overcome all that the game was going to me throwing in the face. At that rate I have enjoyed the exploration and evolution of the character, but I have also appreciated being able to compare weapons, statistics and cuchanonadas in the form of tracksuit (Russian meme style) that complement that not everything is to cover you and shoot.


"An endgame of the most complete and fun!"

It is time to focus on one of the strongest points of the game, an endgame that has been implemented and developed in style to offer players hours and hours of fun. And, once we reach the already emphasized level 30 (which will take us around 30 hours of play), new game options will be unlocked as attractive. The first thing is to be patient since, even if we reach level 30, we must overcome it to reach the endgame, that is, we must reach ‘level 31’. Once we get it, the first thing we will notice is that the entire map has been unlocked and has become an alarming bloody red.


This is where the party really begins, once it reaches level 30 everything changes and the theme of the builds that we are getting will make a lot of sense. From this moment, we will leave behind the issue of leveling up and our level will become a score depending on the equipment we carry. Therefore, it will be very important to get all the best set we can to get stronger and stronger. We will start with a score of 200 and we must have at least a 275 score. At that time, world category missions will be unlocked. Once we complete the category of world 1 (something like level 31), we will move on to category of world 2 (something like level 32).

Offering everything necessary for us to want to collect, create and modify all the weapons and equipment that comes to mind, The Division 2 presents the perfect scenario and challenge so that those desire to continue shooting and collecting loot never have limits. You can see the lack of ambition in wanting to transfer that mastery to the narrative and its kinematics, far below everything else, but I think most of us agree that we have not come here through history.

Regarding the endgame, I see essentially, with the discovery of a new game and new possibilities. After passing the extensive ‘tutorial’ of reaching level 30, the real game is unlocked with great possibilities and, above all, hours and hours of fun. The title is designed to engage the player and he succeeds in far exceeding, in almost everything, his first installment, so it is time to win back Whasington D.C. with the elite agents of the Division so ... Touch it again, Uncle Sam!