New Reward Cards! | 3 out of 4 from past Season's Bounty

in gaming •  10 months ago 

I believe many were exited about hearing from these new reward cards. THose are replacing the ones already running out like Lord Arianthus. I didn't set my expectations high, but I'm glad to say I received almost one of each new card!!

The Naga Windmaster has this new ability. I was expecting it to battle more the light splinter and its range attackers. I love magic attack, so the bettle Queen is a nice addition. Sadly, Its healing ability is only for higher ranks (I wish it was at least at 4 stars).

Finally, I got the Furious Chicken or the "kuko" as I call it. Man this is just for fun and some pissing off opponents lol. It reminds me of Zelda games, so I just call it the Kuko card. joke and all, with empty room it takes the damage from the front or rear part of your team one time which is useful!

Now the task of leveling up these new babies :3

Screenshots taken from the game

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Nice, that's pretty lucky to get 3 of the 4 new cards in your season rewards. I only got one... but it was a Gold Foil Beetle queen, so I got lucky too.

Congrats! that's awesome too, and even more rare I think.