The Reaper Rides Again..

in #gaminglast year

For the last six months I have been pretty much game less. My Playstation4 was overheating every time I tried to fire up a decent game. The sound that is made when on was comparable to a jet engine getting ready for take off. I had taken it apart to attempt to clean the areas in and around the fan the past without much difference.
After a hour of plucking dust bunnies out of every niche and crevice I could reach this time , it has never ran so quiet.
I am thrilled with the huge performance difference. It is very much like a new machine, as I hardly hear it running and it has not once over heated as I have logged hours on RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 and BIOSHOCK INFINITE over the last few days.


I was happy to see new activities in RDR2. There is now gambling, bounty hunting and more to keep us logging on.

YouTube has blocked my BIOSHOCK INFINITE stream and gameplay. I can only guess it is do to the racist overtones weaved throughout the story line of this FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. This is my first time playing this series and I have found it easy to like and play.

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