dCity Beginner Tutorial Contest | 225 HIVE Reward Pool

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one of the collectible dCITY backgrounds made by @zaxan



  • You have 1 week to post a game tutorial for beginners
  • It can be a post on Hive or even a video on 3speak/youtube
  • Use the tag dcity so we can find it easily, you can also drop the link to your post on the dcity discord
  • You can use any graphics used on the DCITY web page, or in posts made by @gerber or this account

Winning Criteria:

  • Covering the most important rules of the game
  • Simplicity/user-friendliness



  • 100 HIVE for the best tutorial
  • 50 HIVE for second place
  • 25 HIVE for 3 other tutorials picked by the jury
  • Upvotes will also be given out to all submissions

Other updates:

Steem Sign card was changed to Hive Sign.

STEEM/HIVE rewards are now distributed on a daily basis and the number of rewarded players has been increased from 150 to 200.

The latest update with new cards will take a bit longer than planned, but I am working on it everyday :)


I created the first entry! This was a fun post. I even began a NEW dCity!



This one is going on twitter:

Great contest. I am sure you will get some fantastic entries.

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This looks fun. Interesting.
Good luck with spreading the word.

So if we link our Hive accounts, we could potentially earn Hive tokens for playing the game?

No need to link it ... just go on the web, login and play :)

Do we need to worry about spending our tokens if we're not careful and can we make Hive tokens by unlocking achievements in game?

 last year 

You need to spend hive/sim tokens to buy assets/building to play the game = build your city.

Then you earning hive and sim tokens and it's up to you if you going to take your profits or build up your city and go higher in ranking for more rewards.



 last year 

and it's trading game, so you can sell your assets anytime to other players, there will be also cards that you can only get by playing, and you could sell them or leave it for your city for better income. Some of them will be rare.

Thanks for the clarification!

Good luck to all participants! Looking forward to your entry 😊

Is this game free to play or needs some money?

It's totally free but for you to have some startup items(cards in game), you need to buy them. What's best option is for you to gain rewards from posting and spend some for this game. And as you progress in game, you can have some rewards in their reward pool sharing though it would take a lot of resources to get to top100 to generate daily income(in Hive or Steem).

Hi, first time i saw u. I'm wondering what's all about? is that a game?

 last year 

yes, https://dcity.io/info
after contest we will have few tutorials from players also
there is one entry already from @ironshield

Please accept my entry. Great game! Great Opportunity to earn!


Is the link to my post I also shared it on Twitter and I put the video on my Youtube also

Hi @dcitygame, it is not clear to me how to buy from you cards.
It seems you randomly sell them without user can choice it, this is made on purpose or it could be changed in order to user choice?
I know there is market, but some cards are not available there...:(((

Here's my tutorial