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RE: Rising Star goes Halloween and Splinterlands goes gold

in #gaming6 months ago

I started selling off a bunch of my cards. I have been converting the DEC to Hive to power up into my account. I am not a fan of the new changes though I understand they had to do it to combat bots. I feel they went a little too far. Sadly, by the time they realize that I will have probably sold all of my cards.


I wonder how many others are selling. At least you are re-investing in HIVE. Any economy is difficult to get right. Rising Star has issues with people buying up loads of card packs to sell the good cards on. I'm not paying silly prices.

Yeah, the cost to convert my Steem hasn't been favorable so I have been moving that into other places. I felt a little guilty about that, so I wanted to make sure whatever I make off of Splinterlands goes back into my Hive account.

Well I hope your investments pay off. Things in crypto will remain volatile, so it's all a gamble. Have fun!