A Nerdy Night of Dungeons & Dragons

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For the past year or so, a handful of us have been getting together whenever the stars align, to eat & drink like pure shit while nerding it out together playing Dungeons & Dragons! I played a handful of times when I was very young...I’m talking early teens. So while I was and still am absolutely dreadful and filled with severe lack of confidence, I had some background with it. My wife I believe also played a couple of times when younger. Jason who is our DM (Dungeon Master) started somewhat recently as did his wife Kara. Lenny is also completely new and is Bill’s girlfriend Christina. Bill on the other hand is a true master who has been playing for decades now. He was our original DM for our first quest as he knew we would all be completely horrendous and gave a gazillion questions. He was right and was extremely patient.


Christina & Bill have been playing in their own as well in recent months with her 2 sons, so she’s actually developed quite a knack for it. She’s a sorceress or some shit...I forget and I don’t have my sheets in front of me at the moment, but she can wield some helpful spells and has gotten us out of a few jams thus far with her quick thinking.

Anyway, last night we had the date booked and switched the meet to our place for the time being. Reason is that I can’t really leave my aging pup Bindi alone as she needs constant care and attention paid to her. So luckily everyone agreed to switch it to our place for this round and the next few going forth which helps ease my mind a bit.

Everyone brought tons of food and as per usual, Lenny was late. Our daughter Clover also had a few friends over in the basement so it was a full house. Tons of food ranging from a pretzel tray, to a crave case of White Castle, to a plethora of pastries and cookies, chips, meats/cheese/cracker platter, and more lined the countertop for folks to snack on throughout the tiresome adventure.

I went off my diet big time yesterday. I’ve been so good and disciplined in recent weeks and have seen the results as I’m almost below 200 lbs. for the first time in over a decade. Currently at 202 so I’m excited. I e cut down my Coca-Cola intake from multiple cans a day (I know...) to about 1 or 2 a week. That has made a major difference in itself, let alone eating a bit smarter all around. Well, last night that all fell by the wayside as I shoved endless White Castle Sliders, salami/asagio/crackers, chips, and soft pretzels down my fat gullet. Oh...and a chocolate chunk cookie and a chocolate croissant. But I also had like 4 big glasses of delicious ice cold Coke. Safe to say...I had a weak moment yesterday and said “to hell with it”. I’ll be good going forward though. Promise.

Enough about my snacks though. The campaign picked up right where we left off from last time a few weeks back. We were in an abandoned mine and just got a hold of an amulet that holds the power of fire. There are several more out there with different abilities. Think...Infinity Stones. Yeah, Jason is a comic nerd too so when he wrote this campaign up, I’m guessing he’s taking influence from funny books he’s liked.


My character is named Plunk, and he’s a Dragonborn Thief. look at that kickass art Lenny produced. He made one for everyone’s character, maps, and locations. If he would only not be lazy and get on Steemit to share his art with the chain. Fuckin lazy dummy.

Shit...stay on track. Plunk...He’s fairly stacked in most of the categories but his hit points are the lowest of my group. I’ll definitely have to remedy that in some ways as I level up because it’s been an issue several times thus far. But man...I can sneak around and be stealthy, convince folks with my charming and influential tongue, and be swift and nimble in obtaining things...if the dice rolls are going my way. Speaking of dice...Christina was awesome enough to get everyone a gift last session. Our own little dice bags. I got purple and my wife got orange. She keeps trying to switch even doing so when I went up to most likely fill my fat hole with more snack...but I noticed her orange ass dice immediately and told her to fuck off. She hates orange and it makes me happy to deny her happiness on this specific issue. 😜


We played for about 4 hours last night and made some progress. A bunch of us including myself are still learning and a bit unsure, but we are absorbing a bit more with each meet. Hopefully a few more nights together and we can get into a better flow and groove. Bill is extremely patient and is a borderline wait for dealing with all our stupid questions and slow thinking and tactics. But we have gotten better collectively since our first encounter.

As it was getting late, we wrapped it up in a good place for our characters to rest and continue right on when we play again next Saturday night...also at my place. I believe we are heading to a stagecoach headed to another village. We rounded up the horses which were stolen and will be providing protection as hired mercenaries in exchange for a ride and some loot. The village where we will end up is rumored to have another amulet so it made sense. Another amulet...the one which holds the powers of the earth was found by a crew of goblins and their army is a lot bigger than we can currently handle so that would be a mistake to tackle that now.

A few of us leveled up after last night but I’m just shy. Should absolutely be leveling up after next week which will help a bit. Im really looking forward to playing again as it’s a great crew and we always have fun together. There are always sone truly weird moments as we all try to make each other laugh during play. Laughing is a well needed commodity currently that I welcome with open arms.

Until next week.

A very nerdy and unashamed Blewitt


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D&D adds to real world skills. My favorite line from the X-files: "I didn't play all those years of Dungeons & Dragons and not learn something about courage." I relate.

Lol. That’s awesome. I think the thing that’s cool besides just being silly with friends, is teamwork, problem solving, and all that.

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A great post showing all what we like about tabletop-rpg: the friends, the food and, of course, the playing ;)

Seeing the first photo I thought "They must have an extra table for the snacks!" - I never saw a table without food. I just spent three days at a small con and I'm fed to the gills with sweets and chips and pop-corn and and and...

You said it!!! Lol. Yeah, I should have snapped a pic of the feast!!! We played last night as well and I forgot again. Rats!

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  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Fckn love this post m8! It is making me want to play dnd again, and actually my friend who lives in Oxford keeps trying to convince me to play in his Skype game.

He's written a campaign based in middle earth in the deep South of haradrim (the haradrim are the crazy bastards riding the Oliphants in the LOTR movie). I really wanna play but haven't got a webcam on my gaming rig and my laptop died years ago 😂 I should get off my fat ass and go buy one.

That dragonborn thief looks like a stone cold criminal... there's nothing quite like sneaking around and then getting in position for a backstab then.... Boom, taking out some massive ogre with a dagger 😂

Good luck with the diet buddy. Your description of the pig out made me chuckle. It's definitely not a good dnd game without plenty of junk food to keep you focused.

Thanks brother!!! Get into it again...especially if you used to play. It’s a blast with the right folks.

Lolol. Don’t worry. When Steem moons during the next run, you’ll be able to buy a sweet rig. Lol

Yeah I went off it yesterday. I basically fasted during the day to allow for myself to be a completely disappointing sloppy piece of fat shit.

That quest sound awesome. I look forward to being DM...down the line sometime.

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I’ve always wanted to play D&D.

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When we are done with this quest, you can pop in the next one if interested? Itllnlastbseverslnsessions so you’ll need to commit to that. We all plan the date so we all can make it. Usually a Saturday evening. Lmk!

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Definitely, count me in!

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D&D had a hexboard now? Whoa! It this Star Frontiers or something? (please tell me you know what Star Frontiers is)

There are optional rules in the Dungeon Master's Guide, and hexes can work better in some circumstances.

No idea what it is, but I’ll ask our native gamer dork Bill and see if he knows.

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Ahhh D&D it is the best.
I’m assuming your playing 5e ?

Yup! 5th edition. Played again last night and I got a few laughs for my new addition. I’ll be popping up something later today about it.

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It seems like every D&D group has an artist with a compulsion to sketch the party. I love being library DM, and there are also two games where I am a player. It's a shame so many people don't seem to like tabletop gaming, though. There are still a few people in my neck of the woods who think it's satanic.

Lol. Yeah that’s Lenny for us! I am loving it. I think it also really depends on the group. I remember playing years back with a friend of a friend and they weren’t very inviting. When you are comfy, it’s a blast.

Lol at satanic. Ridiculous.

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Omg i need friends like this !!!!!

Come on by!!! 😜

There’s gotta be folks by you that are embarrassingly nerdy like us here.

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Shiny math rocks go clackity clack!

My clickity clacks were straight up shit! 1 central.

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Yeah. I miss these type of get together with my friend

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Why not rekindle it?!?

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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!