NFT Auction #005 - Syndicate Contract Drop [Exode]

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Hive Blockchain Gaming NFT Auction


  • Minimum starting bid of 500 BATTLE
  • To bid: Post your bid amount in a comment on this post.
  • You're expected to commit to your bid, pls don't bid beyond your means.
  • Participants may bid as many times as they like until auction is ended.
  • If winning bid defaults on payment, auction is awarded to 2nd place and so on.
  • Auction will close at a random time on Thursday, Sept 3rd [TBD].
  • Once auction is closed results are posted in a comment with winner tagged.

Auction #005

NFT Asset Description: Syndicate Contract Drop [Exode]

NFT ID: #85e1285e4fa94721591af11b6f66d786



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Oh well... 500 battle it is then!

I Raise you 600 😉

Put me down for 1000 ;)

1500 Battle here!.

Back in at 1600 🎲

1800! 🤠

Hmmm... 2000 🎯

2100 battle!.

2200 👾

2400 battle!

2600 🚀

Winning Bid! 🏆

@nockzonk pls send 2,600 BATTLE to @battleraffle, once received I'll video the opening of your drop!

Sent, Thanks