Witness Update | We've Reached Top 100

in #gaming8 months ago


Couldn't help but notice that @battlegames is now in a top 100 witness position.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to vote our witness! 🙏

Current Initiatives:

  • BATTLE Token - Rewarding gaming content creators through PoB protocal.
  • Gaming content curation - Rewarding creators through HIVE POWER.
  • Delegation regards program - Rewarding delegators with a monthly share of account revenue.
  • NFT Raffle/Auction - Promoting hive blockchain games by hosting raffles and auctions for NFT assets using the BATTLE token.
  • State of the dApp - Our Hive Blockchain Gaming initiative to track Hive Blockchain Gaming developments.
  • https://hiveblockchaingaming.com - SEO Optimized website promoting Hive blockchain games.
  • YouTube Channel - Creating public facing content promoting Hive blockchain games.
  • Battlegames witness - Operating a witness server to contribute to the ongoing maintenance of the decentralized network.

@battlegames is commited to supporting Hive Blockchain Gaming.

If you believe that blockchain gaming adds value to the HIVE ecosystem, please consider voting our witness.

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