Witness Celebration | Giveaway #2 - Winners Announcement!

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Alright let's do this!

I kept this giveaway open a little longer to get a few more participants, thank you to everyone that took the time to share a comment and mention which Hive blockchain games you're playing or interested in. This giveaway is for you!

In case you didn't see it, our initial Battlegames Witness Celebration Bonanza post can be found here. You folks our awesome, here's wishing you all the luck in our 2nd random draw 😍

We've got 12 prizes, so we will randomly pull 12 names:


Winners: ✨

place #1: @olaexcel - Exode Triple Origen starter pack + 2 boosters
place #2: @badpupper - Exode Triple Origen starter pack + 2 boosters
place #3: @ecoinstant - Exode Single Origin Starter + 2 Boosters
place #4: @veryanprime - Exode Single Origin Starter + 2 Boosters
place #5: @pandapuzzles - Rising Star Booster pack
place #6: @d-zero - Rising Star Booster pack
place #7: @elemental010 - Rising Star Booster pack
place #8: @anarcist69 - Rising Star Booster pack
place #9: @dkid14 - Rising Star Booster pack
place #10: @khazrakh - 1 dCity restaurant NFT Asset
place #11: @eirik - 500 SIM Tokens
place #12: @axeman - 4 Splinterlands cards

Prizes will be sent to accounts listed above hopefully within 24-48 hours. Contact @agr8buzz in the Battlegames Discord for any questions or concerns.

Thank You To Our Celebration Sponsors!


dCity | @dcitygame

dCity is city simulation game where players manage real in-game city assets in order to maximize their city's full potential. Players are able to climb the latter and earn HIVE by increasing population, or earn SIM tokens by putting your citizens to work and generating income.

dCity has just released it's first major update with loads of exciting new cards, new events, features, government, and a tech-tree! You can read up on the major update here. 🏦


Rising Star | @risingstargame

Rising Star is a Free to Play music career simulator game, all you need to play is the Hive Keychain browser extension and you're good to go!

Rising star is a fun take on the life of an up and coming musician starting from the bottom and building up your fan base, playing bigger and better gigs, collecting instruments, band mates, and fans along the way. In-game assets are ownable NFT's that can also be traded on a market! Quite possibly the best Hive idle game that is fully integrated with the Hive blockchain.

For more information you can checkout the Rising Star Discord server.


Exode | @exodenews

Exode is a space exploration and colonization game currently in development with a playable alpha release. The game mixes classic TCG elements and resource management in a unique way that brings an exciting new style of game play and asset ownership to the Hive Blockchain gaming scene.

Lead developer at Exode @elindos has been pushing out updates left right and centre at breakneck hyperdrive speeds in keeping with their roadmap and milestones. Pop into the Exode Discord server with any questions, the active and friendly CM's will be happy to show you around.

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AHAHAH!!!!! Just want I wanted to win a STARTER PACK for Exode - a game I now HAVE TO TRY!!!!


Its a solid game so far, and will only get better!
The first playthrough of the evacuation definitely felt overwhelming, but in a good way.
I'm definitely working on convincing my friends to play.

perfect way to get you into the game nice and early! 👊


Grats on the Exode starter pack and boosters, nice win! 👊

Hooray! Thanks in advance!
It makes me feel better after getting SLAUGHTERED in the splinterlands tournaments! :)

sweet win, grats on the exode starter and boosters 😎

Starter and packs received!
I can't wait until pack opening is implemented.

Grats, and same here! hopefully *soon 👊

Congratulations @pandapuzzles, @d-zero, @elemental010, @anarcist69 & @dkid14!

Your packs have been issued and are waiting to be opened!

Just sign in to Rising Star with Hive Keychain and go to the "Cards" page to open your packs.

Awesome Game! Good luck for the future 👍

Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it.

@risingstargame Thanks for the quick delivery of prizes! and for celebrating with us 😄 and helping to make this contest awesome!

You're welcome. It's a win win as they say!

Yay! I am a Wiener.

rock on brotha 🤘

Sweet. I’ll have to check out rising star for the first time. Thanks!!

sweet, grats on the booster! 👊

Never heard about rising star before.

now you know 👊🤘

Look forward to seeing you play.

Thanks you so much for the prizes given, let battle to the ends.... cheers 🙏💯💯🙏❣️🛑💓

Our pleasure! 👊

Thanks for the giveaways, and keep up the good work !!!!

Thanks @tsnaks 👊

Thanks a lot 😃

Rock on! 🤘

Congrats to all the winners!

#BATTLE to the MOON!

Congrats to all winners! Tried Exode for a bit but didn't understand how to play in my limited time (looked cool though.)