We've Invested in Cryptobrewmaster Beer Brew 0.2.!

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Happy to report that we we're able to support CBM's beer brewing project by purchasing 1 share with a micro investment.

Beer and Crypto, two of my most favourite things on planet earth, combined into one awesome enterprising initiative. How could we not support that?

It also helps that the plan is to return the investment plus an additional 20%. Assuming the brew is a success we can expect the Pale Hive Lager to be sold to consumers in apx 3 months time from the brew.

The plan

Make a marketing for a whole event, mentioning Hive, @cryptobrewmaster game, and a community \ investors involved.

Engage the community - show the moments from the brew day, tasting notes, reports and so on in closed discord channel.

Revenue goes to cover the investors' funds + 20% interest in CBM Tokens.

Now if only I could get a case of the finished batch shipped to me here in Canada!

Promoting Hive and Blockchain Gaming

I appreciate that they've put the name Hive into the name of the beer. With this beer being sold locally in Kiev, this is some good organic grass roots marketing that may spark the interest of a few, or at least some good conversation over a beer.

Not to mention that there's also a game to be promoted here. There's a lot of wins to be had in a project like this. There's quite possible no other projects like it anywhere, they are literally making history here!

As of writing this post there's still some spots remaining, this is limited to 20 participants. Additional information is available here.

Try Cryptobrewmaster today if you haven't already!

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Good post

Thanks! Really am just excited to put support behind one of my favourite projects!

So how much CBM do I need for a share? in the 7000's?

I'd love to invest but I only have 1000 right now. :(

it's in the area of 7,400 unless price changes. Did you earn that 1,000 in game? I'm working towards my first 1000 now,..getting there.

Yea in game. :) It would be really cool to invest in real beer using crypto earned by brewing virtual beer.

I'm really digging this game. Can't wait for some new features.

Alright new mission! Earn enough CBM in-game to invest in next rounds Beer Brew 0.3 😀

I accept this mission.
I'm 1/7 th of the way there!

I've thrown some money at games... But If I can earn it in game, I'll take the slow grind. That's my cheapskate dad ways.

I need some more ingredients!

Great stuff, welcome to the club!

Awesome, thanks! 👊