Steem Engine NFT's Almost Here: What Does This Mean for Gaming?

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Steem-Engine NFT's Are on Test-Net with the Goal of December 2019 Launch!

At this point every game developer and creative on STEEM just jumped out of their seats, or they should have because this is huge news!

What does this mean for Gaming? This means that the Team behind Steem-Engine is creating tools to facilitate the creation and distribution of digital assets that can be used in-game, right here on STEEM.

It was announced by @aggroed on Wednesday in the following post that Project Lead @cryptomancer already has a working smart contract on the test-net for issuing NFTs 🔥

[Fire Robe from play-by-post Adventure RPG SteemQuest by @simplegame]

You just looted a chest and claimed a legendary Fire Robe with +3 Attack and +2 Absorption, that's yours to keep! No, for real, you own it and it lives inside your wallet until you decide to sell it, trade it, or break it down into crafting mats. That's the future of gaming right here on STEEM.

There are a number promising up and coming games being built on the STEEM blockchain right now! These games include the likes of:

Go give these project a look if you're interested in supporting some of our home grown talent.

Will games such as these utilize NFT's, it's likely they will, but the point is there are more options and tools at their disposal now.

The future of gaming on the STEEM blockchain is bright, and now game developers have one more tool to tokenize digital assets in their games, bringing real ownership to in-game items.



I would like to use some of NFTs for Minecraft related stuff like pets, special decoration effects and stuff. But it really depends on how much it costs to issue new NFTs. If I for example have to create a new NFT for every type of pet, it would get expensive to start. Still way cheaper than anywhere else of course. :P

That's a great point! Looks like 100 ENG for every type of NFT then .001 for token issued. So if you had an NFT with a max supply of 10,000 it would costs 110 ENG or about $12.. That would only represent 1 type of pet, ya it could add up if you have a lot of unique types of NFT's. Still though would be really cool to see this integrated into Minecraft! ⛏️🔥

dont underlook the versatility of the additional property features!

I am pretty keen for this and hope games that go on to do well, have them incorporated and adds the ability to trade and sell items you don't want, or want to sell as it is worth heaps and someone else wants to look pretty etc etc. :P

100%, fun times ahead :)

Sure seems promising!

Agreed, its a long game, but I don't doubt we'll have markets and will be trading Skins and Items within the next year!