New Hive Gaming Website:

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The Hive Blockchain is Going Through an Explosive Rate of Growth in the Blockchain Gaming Space.

We believe strongly that supporting Hive Blockchain Gaming will be one of the keys to the Hive blockchain reaching it's full potential.

Introducing: Our latest offering in support of the Hive blockchain.

Project Goals

  1. Implement the SEO tactics needed to gain a share of "blockchain gaming" search traffic. Blockchain gaming is poised to experience incredible growth over the next 5-10 years, as the space grows so will the search volume and traffic. We want Hive to be front and centre when gamers are looking to get into blockchain gaming.

  2. Promote Hive Blockchain Gaming to the outside world. By building this portal we aim to give Hive games off chain promotion. The games on offer are growing with each passing day and will continue to do so into the future. We want the world to think of HIVE as a destination for Blockchain gaming.

  3. Onboard new users to the Hive blockchain. By implementing an SEO strategy and building a portal to let the world know about Hive Blockchain Gaming we aim to convert these visitors into full time Hivers. We have integrated a free account creation service via to do just this. After a user has created their Hive account they can receive additional support through our friendly @battlegames Discord community.


Website Features

  • Prominently display all Hive blockchain games in their various states of development.
  • Featured News section that will highlight the latest Hive gaming updates.
  • Free Hive account portal allowing visitors to get setup with a new Hive account.
  • Access to our merch shop with Hive and Battlegames swag.
  • Promotion opportunities through sponsored content, and display
    advertising. is work in progress, and I'm happy to hear any suggestion or ideas you might have. We'll continue to add games, and create editorial content to let the world know about Hive.

Thank you for the continued support in our mission to make Hive the destination for Blockchain Gaming.

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Smart idea. Been wanting to see something like this for a while.
Like I didn't know Steemslots came over to Hive!

its WOP, will keep adding content and in about 3-6 months hope to be ranking for some terms that will people into Hive games..🤓

This is exactly what we need to see more of.
Easy for new users. Lots of info in the one place. Easy to promote hive as a gaming center from here.

I made a post about a year ago looking for the homepage to be more like this instead of showing trending.
News, Apps, Leaderboards ect... Info that normal internet users want to see instead of technical stuff and rewards. People just want to play and earn some crypto.

Every week there is something great appearing on hive and this is a big one.

Thanks for the feedback! leaderboards is an interesting idea, will add that to the to do list. yeah in a nut shell people will be searching blockchain games and this site can connect them to our ecosystem 💪

Awesome. The explosion of games is only going get bigger so many things going on it's hard to keep track of them most days.

hey @enjar, couldn't agree more! and I hope we have double the games by this time next year 👊

Site look nice and cool. Will really help in making gaming popular in Hive.

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Thanks for the feedback! always open to suggestion too..

Thanks for the link, I am checking it out now :)


Awesome, thanks! let me know if you have suggestions or ideas..

Do you get HIVE while playing these games may I know?

Some yes and some no, each have their own rewards systems 😎

oh. Thanks for the info. 😃

Congratulations on this release @Agr8buzz!

Thanks! That's one small step for gaming, one giant leap for Hive Blockchain Gaming 😊

This is great!!!

I recently wrote an article aimed at non crypto gamers to help on board them. I haven't published it anywhere yet so let me know if you would like it as content on the site.

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Great work! It should not be too difficult to do SEO related to blockchain gaming. Making HIVE easier to discover and get onboarded is going to be a massive help for the platform. It would be great to see how things perform few months down the road.

Thanks! 🙏 Hopefully we start seeing some results in a few months time.. starting a new site from scratch takes time to build Domain Authority. often takes 6-9 months for content to peak on SERP. We're going loooong with this one! 👊


glad you like 👊

Nice, great way to bring attention to our blockchain.

thanks for hosting it.

Hey thanks, cheers! 🍻

Great work @battlegames! It's looking awesome and there are a ton of info about every game!
Kudos for your hard work 👊 👊