dCity Releases the ProGamer NFT

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The first dCity ProGamer NFT has been purchased by @thegoliath in a tightly contested auction held only hours ago! You can catch the results and latest bids in the dCity Discord server 🔥

The ProGamer

Here's a peak at the newly revealed dCity NFT:

Apx once per day the ProGamer will be awarded to the highest bidder.

Each ProGamer provides a +1 boost to Popularity, Income, and of course population. But as a BONUS it also provides players with a 3% boost to ENTRY token production!! 🎮

After all this is a ProGamer we're talking about, and they want into those dCity Splinterlands tournaments.. The ProGamer NFT goes hard to work helping you mine ENTRY.

How to Bid on the ProGamer


Visit dCity.io and click on the AUCTIONS tab in the main menu bar. From here you are able to bid exclusively with the BATTLE token.

Enter the number of BATTLE tokens you are willing to bid then keep track of the highest bid in the dCity Discord server.

If you are outbid your BATTLE tokens will be refunded to you. BATTLE collected by dCity for winning bids will be burnt.

Thank You

Thank you to lead dev and game designer @gerber for incorporated our community token into the wildly popular Hive Blockchain game dCity 🙏 Special thanks also to current dCity President @ecoinstant who helped craft the concept for the ProGamer NFT.

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What a great victory for BATTLE token - I think we are going to see a lot burned over the coming months!

In the grand scheme of things there's not actually a crazy amount of supply, and with this sink and burn that supply will gradually be smaller and smaller. 👊

So the tokens spent on the auction is a BURN?
Can we see that on the HE explorer?

I wanted that first one so bad.

Same but I was out of town with no laptop..

Have a !BEER for your hardwork

Mmmm thirsty here...

Awesome, thanks for this Eco

I wanted to bid on it too but the price got too crazy in the end 😂
Nice to know there will be other chances to get one
Battle price pumped 20% now too 💪

Bid price should come down eventually 😆

I wasn't even the one driving the price right up, I put some bids sometimes I think 25 or 50 higher because it was already getting higher.

Don't even mind paying that price I paid, it is helping battle out even more and now more people will keep being exposed to the token and being able to earn it if they post gaming content.

It seems I need to start to play games here 😁

Take your pick: Hiveblockchaingaming.com 👊

If you'd like to use a our referral you'll find most of them here in our Discord server.

@battlegames, wow! Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I was buying some Battle. Came across the auction, thought I would give a shot.

Next time.

Thanks for the support, no doubt you'll snag one eventually!

Hey @battlegames, here is a little bit of BEER from @simplegame for you. Enjoy it!

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So the ProGamer NFT mints ENTRY tokens? Is that it? What is the Utility of ENTRY tokens? Thank you