Battlegames Limited Edition Halloween NFT's!

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Our Halloween NFT collection is here and features 3 unique cards; The Jack O'Lantern, Bat Swarm, and the Ghastly Ghoul. Together they make up this spooky digital collectible card set.

Only 100 of each card will ever be minted, and they can be yours for FREE!

Halloween Collection Airdrop

To receive your Halloween set all you have to do is either drop your WAX wallet address in a comment below or participate in one of our Discord giveaways over the next week!

Airdrop will take place Sunday, Nov 1st, 11:59pm EDT - after which point any remaining unclaimed cards will be burnt.


WAX wallet addresses commented below will receive this 3 card set while supplies last.

This digital collectible NFT set lives on the WAX blockchain and can be seen here. These digital assets can be traded and sold on the Atomic Asset Market, or even burnt to reduce supply.

If you don't have a WAX account not to worry. You can easily create a WAX Cloud Wallet account in seconds using your Google login.

Future Airdrops

Holding a Battlegames NFT in your wallet will give you exclusive access to future Airdrops. Our way of thanking the blockchain gaming and NFT community for your continued support over the past year plus. In compliance with Atomic Hub guidelines our NFT's are never airdropped into accounts that haven't demonstrated prior interest in receiving our drops.


If you're an illustrator interested in publishing digital collectibles let us know! We're looking to work with a few talented artists as we dive deeper into the NFT collectibles space. You can connect with us through our Discord here.


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Read about our Delegation Rewards Pool program here, and how you can earn by delegating to @battegames!

You can help us reach our goal of curating gaming content with 15,000 HIVE Power!

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Noice; here is my wallet: 1y2aw.wam

Beauty, good to go! 😎

Cool to see Battlegames make such cool advancements

@tsnaks make a wallet dude!

I have had a WAX wallet for couple of years, but I don't really want to do anything with them because of how horribly they handled things in the past.

I have no idea of WAX, just created one on the link you shared.


Is it really my WAX wallet? ^^

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Yeah that's it! Airdrop in coming!

Really cool! My address is: ipiqu.wam

May I ask why you are using WAX for this and not for example Hive-Engine?

You're in! 👊
WAX has the right tools for the job at this point in time, and is purpose built for NFT's. I do hope to make NFT's on hive in the near future though!

Dope, what a fun idea for Halloween.


Perfect time to have some fun with NFT's 👊

Thank you @battlegames. My WAX wallet addresses in below line:

Awesome, good to go! 👊

Here we go...


Awesome, you're in! 👊

yay bro!
!BEER on me)

NFT's for the win! 👊 🍻

Hey @battlegames, here is a little bit of BEER from @rollie1212 for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.


Good to go! 👊



You're in, thanks! 👊

Really nice NFTs! :)


Thanks! roomer has it we may even see a special variant of these cards in the near future..


Looking good! 👊


You're in! 👊

What an awesome idea guys, congrats!

Also thank you for the motivation to create a Wax wallet. I kept hearing about WAX for months now and it was about time!

My WAX adress : oq1aw.wam

Awesome, yeah super easy to make the cloud wallet! Thanks for participating in the airdrop 👊


Yeah buddy! Check out KOGs on wax mate

Badger I appreciate the re-tweet! 👊 There are some Kogs I want for sure! I do have some Pepe's and some GBK's.. and im sure I'll add Kogs to the collection eventually 😄


I’m somewhat of a legend! No big deal exolol, but nothing like @apprentice001 he is a kog whale

😀 All the KOGS!!!

Good news, thank you.


Cool, you're in! 😎

Thanks for that 🤘

Glad to put my WAX wallet to use! ei1qu.wam
Happy Halloween!

Awesome, good to go! 😎


Awesome, you're in. 😎

Awesome Awesome. Cant wait to see them in my Wax Cloud Wallet. Looking forward to it. Happy Halloween
Thanks again


i love NFT

Boom, you're in!

I would be happy to receive one of these NTF Halloween cards 🎃.

The set is on its way!

Cards LOOK AMAZING. Thank you. :D NFS