BATTLE CHALLENGE | Win Outstanding Ingredients & CBM Tokens [Crypto Brewmaster]

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Lets make some noise on Twitter about Crypto Brewmaster!

Did you know that has already recorded 1,600+ unique accounts registered! This is an outstanding feat, but we want to see this growth continued.

The Challenge 💪

  • Follow @CryptoBrewM on Twitter.
  • Tweet about playing Crypto Brewmaster on the Hive blockchain and use the following image.

Bounty 🤑

  • 3 Outstanding crafting ingredients
  • 150 CBM Tokens

3 lucky challenge participants will be pulled from a random draw. Each winner will receive an outstanding ingredient and 50 CBM.

Deadline ⏳

  • 7 Days

We've got 1 whole week [7 days] to spread the word on Twitter and post your tweet below. The last day of the challenge is Sunday, Sept 6th. At that time we'll close the challenge and draw for our 3 winners.

Go Go Go!

Play Crypto Brewmaster Here!

💖 Kindly Vote our Witness Here With Hivesigner, Every Vote Counts!

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Participated :)

Awesome, thank you!

Deadline for Entry is Sunday, Sept 6, 11:59pm EDT.

Winners will be announced within 24 of hours of the challenge closing. 😎

Our Challenge Winners!

place #1: @cryptomaniacsgr
place #2: @pundito
place #3: @yuriks2000

Please confirm your Cryptobrewmaster account name to send prizes to!


WOW - thanks a lot!!!

!BEER for all!!!

@pundito what account to send ingredient and CBM to?

pundito please :)

Hey @battlegames, here is a little bit of BEER from @pundito for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Cool!! Thanks a lot!!!

@cryptomaniacsgr what account to send ingredient and CBM to?

cryptomaniacsgr pls!

@cryptomaniacsgr @pundito @yuriks2000 I have sent each of you an encrypted memo, unlock the memo in your wallet to reveal a link that will provide you with an Outstanding ingredient. Let me know if you have any issues.

Got mine!
Thank you!

Got it - thanks a lot!!!

Great news, thanks for keeping us beer crafters busy :)


Thanks @cryptomaniacsgr for bringing this to my attention! Good luck everyone!

Thanks for participating and helping to spread the word!

Done 🍺


EDIT: Just saw I used the wrong pic. I'll change that ;)

Here the correct version :)


Perfect, thank you for participating, and joining our Discord!

@pundito bonus points for dark mode!

Done and good luck to everybody!
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Excellent, thanks dude!

@masterthematrix bonus points for dark mode!


Great tweet!

Tweeted and followed

Perfect, thanks for participating!



Beauty, thanks!

Fantastic tweet, thanks for participating!


Done! Love playing this game, good luck to everyone. Can't wait for new updates.

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Here is my entry...

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It's appreciated!

Great initiative! Not using Twitter so I'll pass on this but I'm sure others will.

Thanks for sharing!

Listo ya te seguí y te vote como testigo

Gracias por votar y seguir

This is my twitter link, i write the promo post in chinese language.

My tweet message is about play cryptobrewmaster to learn how to make beer.

Awesome, great to be multi lingual 👊

This is great, thanks!


Great tweet 💪 Thanks for participating!

Thanks for participating! 👊