BATTLE CHALLENGE | Tweet About Rising Star Game for a Chance to Win Card Packs!

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It's time to let the twitter-verse know about Rising Star!

Rising Star has been hard at work adding updates and new features since it's inception in early 2020. As a result the game is more fun and addictive than ever before!

Rising Star has experienced well deserved growth, and is helping to put our Hive blockchain front and centre in the burgeoning world of blockchain gaming.

The BATTLE Challenge 💪

  • Follow @AtomCollector on Twitter. 🌟
  • Tweet about playing Rising Star on the Hive blockchain and use the following image. 🌟
  • Include these tags please: #risingstar #hivegaming 🌟
  • Link your tweet or a screen shot of your tweet in the comments below. 🌟

Bounty 🤑

  • 3 Rising Star Card Packs
  • 1x R10 Touring Coach NFT ID: 41549

3 lucky BATTLE challenge participants will be pulled from a random draw on Thursday, Sept 17th. All 3 winners will receive a free card pack. 1 Additional winner will then be pulled for a brand new Touring Coach! 🚌🤘

Deadline ⏳

  • 7 Days

We've got 1 whole week [7 days] to spread the word on Twitter and post your tweet below. The last day of the challenge is Wednesday, Sept 16th. At that time we'll close the challenge and draw for our 4 winners.

Rock On!

Play Rising Star Here!


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🌟 Rising Star Pack Winners:


🚌 Rising Star Touring Coach Winner:


Congrats! and Thank you everyone that participated 👊

Will aim to get you your prizes within 24hrs.

Wow, this is a nice surprise. I got some good cards. Thanks

All done!

Awesome, thanks for participating!


Done and done.

Excellent, thank you!

Sure, I'll bite.

Perfect, thanks for participating!

Beauty, thanks for participating! 👊

Great, thank you!


Awesome, thank you!


Awesome, thanks Axeman!

Thanks for participating!

Awesome, thanks for participating!

Great tweet, thanks for this!

Thank you for your awesome support!


cheers! 🍻

Hey @battlegames, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

A touring 'couch' would be a cool thing to have ;)

Here she is, in all her beauty!

Coach, not couch. Have several of the coaches.

Haha wow this went right over my head 🤣 Thanks for pointing this out, fixed up the post.

Good game

That it is!

Are you still working on the website? 😁

Yup, let me know if you have any news for the site or suggestions 👊

Congrats to who ever won. I just started this game.

Welcome to the game, we'll see you on the stage!