Updated Gamers Badge Account Info & Now Out Of Testing Phase!

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A New Gamers Badge For All Video Gaming Content Creators!

If you would like to be added to the list of those given a Gamers Badge please Subscribe via the Badge's page so that you can be manually reviewed.

To qualify for a Gamers Badge at least 99% of what you post must be gaming content.

In other words if you post on a variety of topics other than gaming related content you will not qualify for a Badge.

If your account does not qualify I suggest that you consider making an account exclusively devoted to gaming and request a Badge with that account.

Subscribe to a feed of all Gamers Badge recipient's posts with the Subscribe button on the Badge page found here:

View all Badges featured by @SteemPeak here: https://steempeak.com/badges

You can learn more about Badges here:


Example One Of The New Gamers Badge


Example Two Of The New Gamers Badge


The Gamers Badge Page With The Subscribe Button Circled!


The New Gamers Badge!

Check out some of the new gaming Communities!

Steem Gaming Community:

Blockchain Gaming Community:

Gaming Community:

Retro Gaming Community:

Gaming (Community):


Note About The Original Test Badge:

The Gamers Badge Account was changed to comply with the Badge rules. The new account is here: https://steempeak.com/b/badge-969696

The old deprecated account is badge-767676

Sorry for the changes but Badges still being in beta this sort of mix up was bound to happen.

A special thanks to the recipients of the Gamers Badge for making such awesome video gaming content!

Cheers! & Happy Steeming!

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