My Online Gaming Life Day 7

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Good day Steemheads!

It's my first week on posting about my gaming life and I'm enjoying it so far. On these seven days, all the games I posted are about PUBG but I want to try other games soon. If only I have an upgraded phone, I would have installed a lot of games and play them so I can post random games here but sadly my phone's storage only allows me to install one game at a time. It's better than having none, right? lol

So here is my game of the day. I played with my boyfriend because both of us are on our rest day. We both enjoyed it and now I am convincing him to be in this platfrom too so he can post and earn from our games even cents. It's better than nothing so we should be greatful.

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Plankton GIF by @gerber

Thank you everyone for dropping by!
Hugs and kisses,


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Bonding time sis😍..good to take a rest with your bf:)