[Gaming Experience: Final Fantasy IX] Getting Addicted to the Card Game "Tetra Master"

in gaming •  2 months ago  (edited)

I'm enjoying Final Fantasy IX! It's the main game I currently play & I have sunk a dozen or so hours in it. I got attached to its colorful characters and expansive world, even more since writing my "First Impression" Review.

I spend more time reading & writing about games these days than time actually playing. Currently I spend 10 to 15 hours a week gaming. For the last two days I ran Final Fantasy IX to continue the story, but I found myself spending time on the card game "Tetra Master" instead.


Tetra Master is a card mini-game in Final Fantasy IX. Almost everyone in the world of Gaia plays this game. It's similar to Final Fantasy VIII's Triple Triad but has some differences, one of which is that the cards power isn't represented by numbers (at least as far as I can tell. I don't know much about the game yet.)

In this game you start by choosing 5 monster cards, each monster has arrows facing some of the eight directions adjacent to it. In your turn you place a monster card on a 4x4 grid. If there's a monster owned by the opponent in one place adjacent to an arrow of your monster a battle occurs and the winner owns both monsters. (There are more to the rules than that but it's the basic idea.)

The game is pretty addictive!
I duel a character thinking "just one game" and I spend half an hour playing!

In the world of Final Fantasy IX, the winner of the game gets to keep one of the opponent cards. I lose almost as much as I win and the feeling that I have to make up for the cards I lose makes me play another time, and another... And another...


After spending more time than I planned today, and because the sum of my earned and lost cards is zero, I decided to stop playing Tetra Master. At least until I progress more in the story. After playing today's session, currently I'm in a dungeon so I know I won't start the next session with a card game.

Anyway, I'm still enjoying Final Fantasy IX story and world and I plan to write a full Review once I finish. I just found my experience with the card game note worthy.

What do you think?

The images are screenshots from Final Fantasy IX, taken by me.
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