[Gaming Experience: Digimon World 3] Fighting Pharaohmon as a Child

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Just a funny story...

Digimon World 3 is one of the games I played when I was young. I didn't understand a lot of English at the time, so my first few playthroughs of the game were very messy. I played the first 5 hours of the game many times than I can count, and I have a lot of good memories on them.

No Story Spoilers, But It Helps If You Know The Game

Hopefully he won't use Necro Mist this time.

So, one of the early bosses (the first one, if I recall correctly,) in the Digimon World 3 is Pharaohmon. While he can be defeated by a Lv8 Digimon (or even Lv5 if you're truly skilled,) I remember him giving me a hard time as a child.

The field looks awesome with Omnimon sword in the background, and I can still hear the theme music in my mind even though it's been years since I last heard it. The atmosphere of this fight screams: A Boss!

Pharaohmon's Necro Mist has a chance of inflecing Poison on the player's Digimon. As a child I thought when my character's health decreased before my turn was another attack by Pharaohmon. I was annoyed that he was getting three attacks in row. (I was underleveled so Pharaohmon usually got a second turn before mine.) We called this phenomenon a name similar to the sound effect of getting a poison damage in the game. I can't write it in English though so I hope you can imagine it.

My English wasn't good at the time, and didn't know the additional hit I got was a status effect called Poison, which is a stable of the RPG genre.

Remembering my ignorance at the time is what prompted me to write this article. I think playing video games as a child and learing as you go is a very magical thing that you can't have as you get older.

After that,
the only thing you're left with is the memories...

I have other funny stories with this game. The fight you can't win against Zanbamon, the army of Knightmon, and other memories. I can write about those if you're interested. So please comment!

For now, if you want more Digimon you can read my review of Digimon World 1 & 2, or the Card Game. For more gaming content follow me on twitter and the Steam Blockchain.

The image is taken from this Let's Play on LPArchieve.
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Oh, I remember that fight! The grind is real before that fight. You basically needed to level up both the rookie and champion forms if you wanted any chance to win the fight. I HATED THAT FIGHT!

It got easier the next time I played it, but damn...

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Digimon World 3 was a very grindy game from the start. My best Training Grinding area before Pharaohmon was the area that leds to him. The one with the Spider Digimon, they give a huge exp for their level.