[Gaming Experience: Digimon World 2] Figured the Digimon Requirement Mechanic So Late

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As a child I didn't have a memory card for my PS1, so I used to play a game for few hours and start over the next day. This worked for many games as they can be beaten in less than 5 hours. But didn't work as much for RPGs.

I played the first few domains of the dungeon crawler Digimon World 2 many times, but for a while I couldn't progress past a certain dungeon because of the Level Cap.

As I wrote in my review of Digimon World 2. Each partner Digimon has a level cap and to increase it you have to DNA Digivolve by combining two Digimon into one that restarts from the previous stage base level but has a higher level cap than the Digimon used to create it.

The thing is, as a child I didn't know how to recruit new Digimon into my party. I played the game many times, and I was stuck with the Digimon of my type of choice (mostly Agumon.) I was stuck to only reach level 13. I even invented a term for this with my brother "nined" (an imaginary verb for nine,) because the exp required for the next level is shown as 999999999999.

I didn't figure out that I have to buy Gift items and press the Square Button while on the field to give it to the Digimon I wanted to recruit.

The game didn't make the task of figuring this out easy. There were no tutorials, no indication that such mechanic is in the game. There's only one NPC that tells you how to do it but it's easy to miss and that NPC doesn't give relevant information most of the time.

There is also one story mission in which you get an item to recruit MetalGreymon. It's nice but the problem is that it wasn't explained that you have to press the Square Button when you meet him. If you didn't do that you miss him as a recruitable Digimon and the fight will play as any other boss fight.

I only figured this mechanic by chance, years after I first played the game. When I pressed Square instead of Cross one time. Wow~ Luckily I had a gift Item so I could connect how that was related to obtaining MetalGreymon.

This makes me think that games nowadays are justified for giving us tutorials for the simplist things. Sometimes not knowing a feature exists can make the game unbearable.

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