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As you may have noticed over the past few months we've been shifting some curation and onboarding focus with OCD onto blockchain games. I understand some users may not appreciate it that one of those games does not originate from Steem but the bigger picture is to give the players a platform where they can create content, be curated and maybe earn their first crypto they can play with through it. I have been into blockchain for a long time now and have been waiting for gaming to become a bigger part of it. As an avid gamer there hasn't been a week where I haven't been "man if only this game had Steem incentives behind it, was integrated into Steem or other ways connected to it - it would be on a whole other level."

2020 will bring a whole new attention to this market in my opinion. Gamers are in my opinion easier to have them check out new things than say social media users on other platforms cause they are used to getting bored of certain games and trying and learning new things. Many games are also spread out over many different platforms, consoles, etc. The newcomers into crypto who have been using Steem to post about Gods Unchained have had a positive experience of it so far and since there are no platforms like Steem anywhere on ETH I am looking forward to growing this community even more over time and also looking into other blockchain games that show potential. As I've mentioned in some comments in the past we would also like to add Splinterlands to our team but them already having an account for curation of their content and better onboarding tools than us we figured it's probably best to leave them at it and see if there are other games with potential popping up that we could invite users from onto Steem to post about them.

In general the blockchain space is growing exponentially even though prices don't reflect. I remember back in 2016-17 I used to write about crypto news pretty often but now it feels like the space is so big that a person alone will have a very difficult time to keep up with everything - and I don't want to just paste screenshots and justify getting any rewards on 2 minute posts. So my focus will most likely shift into gaming in my posts while growing teamOCD and our community.

There are a couple partnerships I still want to announce of us bridging this gap all the different communities on Steem have created where we're spread thin over many different discord servers so more about that soon.

What are your thoughts on blockchain gaming?

I am honestly even more excited about gaming here on Steem cause on other blockchains it feels like even tho there are some extra incentives, things could be working so much better here but unfortunately not enough people know about it but am looking forward for that to change very soon.

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Owning money on the internet is boring. Owning tanks, goblins, swords, aircraft hangars, bundles of wheat or invisibility potions; that's fun.

For many blockchain games are still far from being good, they also mean pay to win, depending on the platform on which it is always found a but... in ethereum the fees and the price of the gas, in eos the complexity to initiate, in steem they find the process also strangely complicated, waves enji apparently do not know them and thus, with the passage of time people will begin to handle better the different blockchain and diffuse the dapps, in the topics of bitcointalk talking about games in blockchain this is the general opinion, I don't know if players should talk more about their games in other platforms, in medium, facebook, bitcointalk, so that the opinion change quickly.

To be honest, it's all about microtransactions these days with games.

Gone are the days where you would buy a game complete! Remember those? Looking at you 1990s-2000s!

Fortnight BR changed the scene a lot last year, you give away the game for free and then give a shit load of customisable skins, weapons, items and the like. Millions of micro transactions and they overtook revenue of call of duty in the blink of an eye.

So that's where a potential lies with creating a game and make people want to buy customisable things with micro transactions. The card games are a great start but I must confess, have never played them on steem and I haven't gamed for a few years.

However, seeing how things have changed, flash games like candy crush asking to refer friends to continue instantly or wait a week to unlock other levels... You only have to look at previous successful companies /games to see the principle and then apply the payment system to steem.

(I am sure the technical side is a lot harder in practice but these are the theories I have about it - gaming is for sure another ribbon that can be added to the bow here)

I'll stop rambling now!

Hehe was a good ramble and yeah, I can't wait for games like that which at the same time figure out a great way to integrate it to Steem and everything they offer combined with something like BAT to make it more "worth it" for players. Being able to earn even something by playing games, creating content about it will be a good combo with the rewardpool and adrevenue sharing to take care of both marketing and not leave players feel empty at the end of the day if they decide to play something too much and have nothing to show for it like current centralized games do.

Oh the potential is huge when you combine it with BAT, not just for players but those who watch livestreams too. There will be literally rewards for everything and when you combine all those things you mentioned, there's no reason why gaming companies can't benefit as much as the players they want to keep playing their games as well with the rewards pool factored in for posting content related to the game.

This potential reminds me a bit of what happened when mobile phone companies had control over the people with their pay as you go and monthly contracts. People were getting shafted. But then smart phones came out and turned the industry on its head as it then became about the phone, not about the phone company supplying the contracts.

Something similar is happening where we will start seeing more of these games, crypto based services and products coming to the fray where every one (consumer and business) will be sharing rewards and tokens without the need to farm and sell off data like "you know who".

It's exciting!

Prices definitely do not reflect what is happening in blockchain space in terms of blockchain gaming. I anticipated blockchain gaming will be the next big thing for blockchains many moons ago, it is one of the reasons I created blockchain gaming community on steemit beta. There is no place on the internet where you can gather good info about blockchain games, steemit communities will definitely make some changes in that regard.

Oh cool, I should definitely post there! I hope we'll get crossposting to different communities here as well like they exist on reddit!

2020 will definitely see a big rise in blockchain games, Steem based ones included as we already know more are being made. I am keen to get into many more and while I haven't played Gods Unchained since beta play I did months ago, now I got more free time it is one I need to get back into!

I am hoping for blockchain games to just take off a lot more and see a lot more users overall who come and enjoy the game, not just for the fact you can make money.

I am an avid gamer and have gamed all my life and it's always a bonus that you can make the bits and pieces from gaming, but I find the game being fun is worth the time and effort spent to enjoy the game.

I see stuff like Enjin and the market place on ETH and I think that is going be dope if gets even bigger. Their Enjin wallet parenting up with Samsung is the kind of stuff I’d love to see here one day.

Lots of games seem to be created over there.

I do hope over the long run I can start to transition more out of normal gaming and blockchain gaming. It’s still quite a very young space that needs to mature a lot before I can put more of a focus on it than I do on occasion.

Games take a while to make and I’m looking forward to it's future. Even more so when main stream gamers start to come on over.

I'm also very excited about Blockchain gaming in general and especially here on Steem.
The ability to have no fee transactions, 3 sek Blocktime and an existing community with social media feature is just a perfect match for Steem.
I just wonder if you are so excited about Blockchain Gaming on Steem...why are you not playing Splinterlands???
It is the most successfull Dapp here in the ecosystem and ranks in the top 10 of all Blockchain Dapps in General...sorry I'm just curious.

Games games games on the block block blockchain!!! <3
Have you checked @radaquest?

Amen to this post, brother. I couldn't agree more. I believe gaming and blockchain go hand in hand. There's a "ready" market all set to go with tech savvy individuals already willing to comprehend, accept and embrace this new technology.

Oh yeah, 2020 is looking very interesting indeed for us "early" adopters. :)

What Steem has going for it is the fast block processing time and no direct fees. The chain as a whole is much cheaper to run than, say, EOS because Steem nodes do not and will not run decentralized virtual engine like smart contract platforms like EOS or Ethereum. For many types of apps what Steem can do is perfectly adequate and does not come with the extra costs present on some other popular platforms.

What Steem has going for it is the fast block processing time and no direct fees.

This. The "average" gamer does not want to wait for the item(s) he earned by playing, or anything bought in a game (i.e. microtransactions). Nor does he want to pay activation fees etc for those items. $.99 for an item? Sure. Buy. Go to inventory. There is my new fancy gun/card/hat/whatever. Equip. Click play.

Waiting for items to appear in the inventory is not in a gamer's nature (in general).

I still feel that Splinterlands has the perfect set-up. It's a quick game that you can earn a decent amount of rewards who has a market cap that is continually growing and is based on a website, which for me is perfect as most of my gaming is done on my phone now days unfortunately.

I did like EOS knights but the game became stale after a while and the market went to crap and apparently EOS is now having issues with congestion on their platform from what I've read.

I remain hopeful that new games will emerge, but I'll be looking for more casual games that I can pick up and play for a bit and put back down. It's also a pain trying out games on other platforms because of either the gas fees, or once again, like EOS the cost of entry is high just to get enough resources to play the game.

Would love to see God's Unchained on the platform and even if I didn't play I would probably invest in some packs and cards depending on how my Steem earnings and the value go next year. I'm optimistic we'll see some better games this next year that both create value and are fun to play.

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This exposure on AMC sounds pretty exciting.

Definitely so.

Besides Splinterlands, I have been playing EOS Knights for quite a while now. It has been hard lately because of the congestion on the network, but it is still a game that I really enjoy. I think that soon people are going to be doing some gaming in Decentraland. There are some awesome worlds and scenes being developed in that. People that enjoy the SIMS will definitely be heading over that way.

Say one has an idea for an entire overlapping ecosystem of games built around a central Steem Engine token but absolutely not coding ability and very little money. Is there any way for that person to get their ideas off the ground?